Privacy Policy

The Viral Blaze encourages and urges all the readers and visitors to go through the Privacy Policy of the page. As per our policy we consider that a viewer accepts the privacy policy by visiting the website.

Non Personal Data

We can collect the Non Personal data from the readers and visitors for improved performance of the website and betterment of the services provided to the end users. The IP Address, Location, Browser details, Operating System and others are classified as the non-personal data. The collective information is used to enhance the experience of the visitor on the website. However, a visitor may choose to stop us from doing it by simply disabling the cookies for the browser. The Viral Blaze also urges the readers to keep the browser specific nature of cookies in mind. It should be kept OFF every time The Viral Blaze is visited.
Personal Data
As far as the Personal data is concerned, we do not collect any personal data without the permission of the visitor. However, we may seek the data for enhance and better services. It is up to the visitor to willingly provide us the data through various forms. However, we ensure that no personal data is used for other purpose, or sold or transferred to any other parties under any circumstances. We understand the sensitivity of the data and pay utmost attention to respect the privacy and secrecy of the visitors. However, we do not take any responsibility of the data provided to the third party vendor navigated through our page.


We understand the risk associated with the virus or malicious entities in the computer. Our team is thus working round the clock to make sure that The Viral Blaze is secured to use.


We hold all the rights of the Trademark, Copyright and Logo. Any illegal use of the content or intelligent properties without prior permission may attract legal action.
We also hold the right to change the Privacy Policy without any prior intimation. For more details, we would encourage you to read the Disclaimer.