The Viral Blaze Legal Disclaimer

We would love to deliver the best performance and service to the people with loads of information and exciting content.  However, The Viral Blaze encourages you to go through the Legal disclaimer of the page before continuing.


The Viral Blaze has collected the information for the content from different channels and sources. The information collected is best per knowledge. However, we do not intend to take any sole responsibility for the accuracy of the information. The information is as per the date published and may change with time as well. We, encourage the readers to take second opinion and do other research from other resources for more accuracy on the topic, if required. The information provided in  The Viral Blaze may not be the latest one. Some times readers might get some wrong info that may be for typing mistake and complete unintentional. If you will find such info please mail us we will remove it immediately. If you have issues with images  or any content then contact us we will remove it after checking your complain and issues if needed.


We collect data both personal and non-personal from the readers and visitors with the condition of not to use it for any other purpose. The non-personal data like IP, browser details, location and others are collected through cookies and are used for better end user experience. We may seek personal data from the readers for various reasons of improvement and betterment. However, it is up to the visitors to provide the personal data as it is not at all mandatory. We, however, ensure that the data collected is not sold, rented or used for any other purpose.  The Viral Blaze understands the significance of the personal data and try the best to keep it safe, secure and protected.

Intellectual Properties

The Viral Blaze strictly prohibits the copy and theft of information and intellectual properties by the visitors. We own the copyright of all the content published in the website and therefore republishing, copying and other means of using it in online and offline platform without informing us, can attract legal action. The readers however can share the content in social media. We also own the trademark for the logo of the website and any illegal use of it may attract legal actions. The visitors must get permission or seek for it before attempting to use any legal properties of The Viral Blaze.

Third Party

We are not responsible for any information and data provided by the third parties present in the website. These are our network partners and we do not share any responsibility for anything they do. We are not legally bound for any of their action. The readers are requested to deal with the third party websites at their own risk.

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