Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Actresses in Hollywood

The Russian film industry has reached the heavens regarding its cinematic excellence. Governmental support, state sponsors, and collaboration with international film distributors such as Disney, Paramount, and others have contributed to its growth.

We can’t forget to stop appreciating their evolution in dynamics, marvelous quality due to appropriate technology usage, and impressive financial investments in production and marketing. In this article, we have listed the top 10 beautiful Russian actresses and discussed their phenomenal work. Let’s begin without any delay.

List of  Hottest Russian Actresses in Hollywood

1. Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova (born 6 January 1986):

Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova

Irina, popularly called Shayk or Irina Shayk, is known more for her modeling than her acting. She graced the cover of a swimsuit sports issue in 2011 and ranked no.8 on because of her social media following. Shayk is often misunderstood as a South American for the looks she inherited from her father.

Shayk studied marketing in high school, but beauty school interested her, so she joined with her older sister. There, she was noticed by a local modeling agency, and from there, she got the opportunity to participate in Miss Chelyabinsk 2004, which she won.

She slayed her modeling career and entered the film industry in 2014 for Hercules, starring opposite Dwayne Johnson. The movie received great attention from critics and audiences due to its cast and the popularity of the mythology attached to the title.

2. Aglaya Tarasova (born on April 18, 1994)

Aglaya Tarasova

Aglaya was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She always wanted to be an actress, yet began her career in 2011 with a small character role in a TV series named Posle Shkoly; she was cast in another TV series named Interny and then entered the movie business for a movie ICE. She was well recognized for her performance in the film and its sequel, Ice 2, which was released in 2020. The movie gained much recognition for its cinematography and her performance as a skilled figure skater. The sports sequences in both the films and the actors’ performances helped the movie attain its success.

3. Lyanka Georgievna Gryu (born on 22 November 1987)

Lyanka Georgievna Gryu

Lyanka was born in Moscow, Russia, and appeared in a movie called Odin when she was just 4. She then rocked TV shows when she was only 6 years old and played the lead role in “The Little Princess” feature film that brought her several awards, such as “The Best Supporting Role” and “The Best Female Actor”.

The actress has massive experience working with international production houses, where she acted as a lead in “The Bright Side of the Moon”, “Scarlet Cherry”, a Medical series named “Pregnancy Test”, “The Sherlock Holmes series” and so on. She is not just beautiful, but a successful actress, which made her move to the US and pursue her acting career in the heart of the world film industry.

4. Anastasia Kvitko (born on 25 November 1994)

Anastasia Kvitko

Anastasia Kvitko is a Russian glamour model known for her curvy body and fitness. She has been interested in fashion business and fitness since childhood. She was repeatedly asked to lose weight to enter the film industry. Still, she refused and moved to various places to find the right industry professionals who appreciated her talent and accepted her body just as she was. Later, she became the greatest sensation on Instagram, and several modeling agencies poured in to collaborate with her. Thus, she launched her brand called “AC-350”.

She made her TV debut with a Spanish TV series called “Un Nuevo Dia” which became a roaring success, she also appeared in TV series such as Kon’ izabellovoy masti’ (2019) and ‘Plan 9 from Aliexpress (2022).

5. Ekaterina Valerevna Rednikova (Born on May 17, 1973)

Ekaterina Valerevna Rednikova

Yekaterina won the Nika Award, the Russian Oscar, for her performance in Theif. The talented actress was also nominated for “Best Foreign Language Picture by the Academy Awards. The actress also began her acting career at the tender age of 6 and became one of the most accomplished actresses as she played lead roles in Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, and the US.

The Russian drama film won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2003, and her choice of films and performances across the films are well-recognized and well-received by the audience.

6. Yulia Peresild (born on 5 September 1984)

Yulia Peresild

Yulia entered the entertainment business as a television artist for the role of Natasha in 2003; she acted in a film project that was a collaboration between the Russian film industry and the Russian space agency where the feature film placed a shot in space. The actress underwent intensive cosmonaut training to adapt to the space’s conditions, marking her as the first professional Russian actress to act in space. The intersection of art and space exploration showcased the actress’s conviction towards the actress’s craft and versatility.

7. Anna Chipovskaya (born on 16 June 1987)

Anna Chipovskaya

Anna Borisovna began her acting career in the early 2000s and aced both screen and stage. She rose to prominence because of her talent, versatility, and conviction toward the craft. She was known for her performances in TV series such as “Dear Masha Berezina”, “Lone Wolves” “Lily of the Valley Silver 2” and the film, “Yolki 3” which was released in 2013. The beautiful actress has also worked in popular movies such as “The Calculator (2014)”, “Pure Art(2016)” and “Good Job (2015)”. The actress also won the Nika award for best supporting actress in “Vysotsky. Thank you for Being Alive”.

8. Daria Klyukina (born on 9 January 1994):

Daria Klyukina

Daria was sent to aesthetic development at the age of 4, and then she entered the music school, where she mastered piano and guitar and studied choral singing. The actress faced several changes and shifts afterward, where she worked as a sales manager for construction materials and acted in commercials yet managed to work as a model. The actress also mastered the profession of hairdresser/stylist.

After too many shifts in her career, she auditioned for the 5th season of “The Bachelor” which was a popular reality show and then only in 2018 did she enter the acting career and did cameo roles in the TV series called “Street” where she played the role of Karina and played one of the main roles in “Female Mantises”. Although her career graph is not filled with peaks and highs, she is known for her persistence and beauty.

9. Victoria Odintcova(born on 15 november 1994)

Victoria Odintcova

Victoria is a Russian model and a social media influencer. She began her modelling career after graduation; she became active on social media, after which her career took off. She appears in small campaigns and poses for several brands of clothing lines, swimwear, and beauty products. She is known for her controversies with great personalities, especially her snubbing Christiano Ronaldo.

She was also involved in a controversy where she climbed to the top

of Cayan Tower, which is located in Dubai, without acquiring proper safety measures. She got praise from some and criticism from many for putting her life in danger. She is the highest-paid Russian model with an estimate of about $500 thousand US dollars.

10. Anastasia Reshetova(born on January 23, 1996)

Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia is considered the millionaire of Instagram and “Russian Kim Kardashian”. She was born into a military family, but she lived with her father after her parent’s separation. She then studied acting, but she never thought of getting into modelling. Nevertheless, their interest in modelling sparked in her when she was a spectator at the Miss Universe Contest at the age of 17. Then, she was noticed by the organizers of Russian events, which eventually led to her winning “First Vice- Miss Russia”.


Every actress mentioned in the article is known for her acting talents, conviction, and skills. They have entered Hollywood and collaborated with international movie makers with sheer talent and by excelling in the field of modelling and acting. Although they played their A-game in their respective movies, they had their failures and falls. Nevertheless, they all stood the test of time and have been shining in their career path.

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