Top 5 Foods to Avoid After Getting Dental Implants

There are many hindrances to the good life that comes with having a good dentition. From missing to chipped teeth, it’s no fun when you’re not confident enough about your teeth. In the same vein, issues with your teeth can deter you from eating and speaking properly.

That’s where dental implants work their magic by restoring your dentition to its original beauty. But after the dental implants have been fixed, what will your feeding be like? Do you revert to your eating habits, or are there precautions you need to take?

Furthermore, how long do dental implants last? Can your diet impact such lifespan? Well, the answer is yes, and today, you’re going to learn the different foods that don’t have a positive impact on new dental implants.


  • Spicy or Acidic foods: Meals such as salsa, chilli, and so on are bad for your implants due to their high spicy content. They cause irritations and burns to your mouth, leaving your gums in pain. Also, acidic foods like fruits and tomatoes can make the healing process unbearable, so it’s important to avoid them for the time being.
  • Hot foods and drinks: Aside from jalapenos and tomatoes, you should avoid meals and drinks that are too hot for your mouth to handle. They only prolong the healing process and heighten the pain and sensitivity of the gums.
  • Hard foods: Your mouth takes time to adjust to the intricacies of a dental implant, so be sure to go easy on them. By so doing, you should avoid hard foods like steak, raw vegetables, or anything that requires a hard biting and chewing process. It only stresses your implants and delays the healing process.
  • Crunchy foods: Just like tough foods, crunchy snacks are tough to deal with. Though easy to bite into, they do create problems when chewing. For instance, eating popcorn and chips leaves your dentition vulnerable to particles lodging between the teeth and gums. When that happens, inflammation occurs, and pain and sensitivity increase.
  • Sticky food: It’s also similar to the case of crunchy foods in the sense that they tend to stick to the crevices of your teeth. Foods like candies, caramel, or anything chewy will be difficult for your dental implants to handle. They stick to the teeth and gums, eventually delaying the healing process.

What You Should Eat Instead

From the look of things, there’s a lot of food you shouldn’t be eating after getting dental implants. So, what should you eat? Because you still need to fill your tummy up. Here’s a list of foods that are safe for eating after getting dental implants

  • Soups, cold bowls to be specific, to avoid gum irritation
  • Baked foods like pies and cakes are also safe. Just make sure you don’t eat them straight from the oven
  • Dairies, e.g. milk and yoghurt, are also safe for consumption
  • Smoothies, too, are a great way to enjoy fruits without the risk of irritating your dental implants

Wrapping Up

The entire dental implant process doesn’t end at the hospital; you also need to take good care of them during the first few weeks to help with the healing process. So, be careful with what you eat and always seek professional advice before making any decision.

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