Amaron Vs. Exide battery: Which is Better?

Car batteries are crucial. When this component weakens or fails, lights flicker and cars won’t start. An expert should be consulted immediately to diagnose the battery. This will prevent problems. Additionally, “Amaron” and “Exide” are the greatest automobile batteries in India. But “which one should I choose?” Find out from this post.

Things to Know About Amaron vs. Exide

Here are some things to know about Exide and Amaron before choosing a car battery.


  • Amara Raja Batteries Limited makes Amaron automobile and inverter batteries.
  • Amaron batteries are long-lasting and low-maintenance.
  • Amaron sells batteries for cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles.
  • Amaron batteries provide high cranking power, corrosion resistance, and lead-calcium technology.


  • Exide is another popular car and inverter battery brand.
  • Exide batteries are highly efficient and durable.
  • The company sells batteries for cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles.
  • Exide batteries have excellent lead-calcium alloy technology, vibration resistance, and minimal self-discharge.

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Comparison Table

Battery Type Lasting Target Installation Resistance
Amaron Automobile and Inverter Long lasting and Low Maintenance Car and bikes and other automobiles Corrosion resistant
Exide Only Inverter Durable Car and bikes and other automobiles Vibratuin resistant

Exide vs. Amaron: Seeing the Difference

This section details Exide vs. Amaron differences:

  • Amaron batteries have a longer warranty than Exide batteries. Amaron gives a 48-month warranty, whereas Exide offers 36.
  • Learn about car battery maintenance before choosing Exide or Amaron. Not having to check the water level or add distilled water makes Amaron batteries maintenance-free. However, Exide batteries need regular maintenance and distilled water.
  • Amaron batteries cost higher than Exide batteries.
  • Amaron and Exide batteries are trustworthy. However, Amaron batteries last longer and can endure high temperatures than Exide batteries.
  • Exide batteries are more accessible than Amaron batteries. It’s because most automobiles use cheap Exide batteries.
  • Amaron and Exide recycle batteries, making them eco-friendly.

Which Car Battery Is Best? Amaron or Exide

Car battery selection might be difficult. Due to their high quality, Amaron and Exide may be hard to distinguish. Only warranty, after-sales support, specifications, etc. distinguish them. Car Battery Prices are very similar and ideal for purchase. Cost won’t be a major factor.

Sleek, Productive, Durable

The 18–48-month warranty for Amaron batteries appears sufficient for car owners. The warranty and sleek design make them convenient. Their batteries and casings are their focus. They offer maximum durability and heat-resistant nutrition. Weather-resistant colours enhance the life of the Amaron automobile battery. Faster charging boosts battery productivity. The technology underlying their product has great reserve capacity and vibration resistance. This company’s warranty shows its efficiency.

See what Exide Batteries has in store

A renowned automobile battery franchise, Exide supplies users nationwide. The guarantee varies every battery, however they offer a 72-month warranty. This is extensive and indicates the company’s support. The specs vary, but the battery plates are developed for longer life. Their service is more reliable.

Price of Most Popular Amaron battery with model number and AH:

  • Model: AAM-FL-0BH40B20L

AH -35AH

Price: Rs.3775 (Exchange Same AH Old Battery)

  • Model: Amaron AAM GO-0BH38B20R

AH- 35AH

Price: Rs.3302: Exchange Same AH Old Battery –

  • Model: Amaron AAM-FR-0FR650RMF


Price: Rs. 4099 (Exchange of Same AH Old Battery)

Most Popular Exide Battery Price List: AH and Model

  • Model: FLCO-EXLC35


Price: Rs. 3900 Exchange Same AH Old Battery

  • Model: Exide FEZ0-EZ65L

AH- 65 AH

Price: Rs 4780 Replace Same AH Old Battery


AH- 35AH

Price: Rs. Same-AH Old Battery Exchange

Durability of Battery

The battery in your automobile keeps it moving but is often overlooked. You must choose one that can tolerate high pressures and temperatures. With their sturdy construction, Amaron and Exide are among India’s top car batteries.

Amaron batteries use Silven X Alloy. They can withstand extreme heat and yet perform well. This brand is popular with car owners because to its 48-month warranty. For the automobile battery’s long life, the shell gives optimal support and durability.

Exide battery plates are designed for longevity. The spill-resistant Exide battery cover and 72-month guarantee (depending on kind) are available.

Higher RC/CCA

Batteries RC means Reserve Capacity, and CCA is Cold Cranking Ampere. RC calculates how long a fully charged automobile battery can run if the alternator fails. You must choose a high-RC battery.

A greater CCA ensures the battery works in cold climates. Amaron recommends 9.8 or greater cranking voltage. Exide makes the greatest automotive batteries in India due to their high CCA and RC.

Consider the Battery’s Ah Rating

Avoid buying a battery with a lower Ah rating than your current one. You need a comparable but greater Ah (Amp hour) battery. You can maximize battery life using it. An unusually high Ah battery might impede charging and load the alternator. Ah rating depends on vehicle type and make. Exide and Amaron offer a variety of batteries with different Amp Hour capacity. Check the battery’s top for all the necessary ratings or consult your car’s manual.

Customer satisfaction and service

When buying anything, brand customer service matters including car batteries! Exide offers on-site, off-site, and road support. The Exide Batmobile provides free emergency services. This quick and easy service can prevent battery issues!

Amaron batteries offer excellent customer service to simplify the buying process. The 24/7 AMCARE customer support at Amaron addresses battery concerns for both Amaron and other brands. You can call their toll-free number anytime to use their excellent mobile services. Another helpful Amaron service for car owners is PitStop.

Both battery brands are well-known in India. The quality and variety of items have impressed car owners for years. Amaron or Exide? Choose for yourself or hire an expert to make the best choice.


Many cars use Amaron and Exide batteries, however they differ greatly. This article has useful information regarding these two batteries. However, your needs and money will determine your battery. Choose a car battery wisely.

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