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Andreas Ehn, a respected IT professional, offers a touching story of relentless invention and technical prowess. Born and raised in Sweden, Ehn loves technology. His love of computers and digital systems made him a tech entrepreneur and shaped his many achievements.

Andreas Ehn


  • Full Name – Andreas Ehn
  • Date of birth –1977
  • Birth Place – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Age – 46
  • Nationality – Swedish
  • Height – 5 feet 11 inches
  • Profession – Entrepreneur and investor
  • Religion – Unknown


Swedish businessman and investor Andreas Ehn became famous for investing in a hit company. He co-founded Spotify and was its main investor. He also invested early in Skype, King, Klarna, and others. He co-founded Wrapp, a mobile gift service. Andreas Ehn was born in Sweden 1978. He joined the KTH Royal Institute of Technology student affiliation while studying PC science in Stockholm. Ehn worked for IBM, Microsoft, and other IT companies after graduation. Spotify was launched in 2006 by him, Martin Lorentzon, and Daniel Ek.

Since then, Ehn has become a major technology player, winning many awards. In 2009, Veckans Affärer and the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum named him one of Sweden’s “One Hundred Most Influential People.” He earned a software engineering diploma in 1998 after finishing research at the Royal Institute of Technology. After that, he worked in IT for Ericsson and Spotify, which he cofounded. Wrapp, Rebtel, and Acast are among his more companies.

Married Status and Children

He lives in Singapore with Lisa Enckell, his business partner and wife, and invests in and advises funds and businesses, according to his Approach website.

Achievement and Career

Andreas Ehn developed software for companies before creating Tradedoubler in 1999. A private equity fund bought Tradedoubler, a popular internet marketing platform, in 2006. After co-locating Spotify, he invested in it in 2006. He invested early in Skype, King, and Klarna in 2011 and helped found Wrapp.

Ehn spent four years as a marketing consultant for early European video ad company Videoplaza after leaving Spotify. Ehn cofounded Wrapp, a mobile online-to-offline consumer acquisition solution for brick-and-mortar retailers, in 2011, according to LinkedIn. In 2014, he departed the company as CTO but remained on the board until 2015. Meniga bought the agency in early 2019 for an unknown amount.

Experienced investor Andreas Ehn has developed a successful investing strategy. Diversification, asset training, and market investment are his recommendations. He also prefers long-term investing versus short-term trading.

Ehn’s innovation helped Spotify become a global power. He created the platform’s contemporary streaming generation, which introduced great tunes without delay regardless of internet connectivity. This creative strategy satisfied customers and raised company standards.

Ehn led Spotify engineers in building a unique, scalable, and durable machine that could help hundreds of thousands of clients as CTO. His inventive, insightful, and technological management propelled Spotify to success.

Andreas Ehn excelled in IT. He cofounded Wrapp and Spotify and is Min Doktor’s CEO. He helped build Spotify and proposed a $3.5 billion hobby business. He was mentioned in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch.

Software engineer and entrepreneur Andreas Ehn has excelled in the generation quarter. CEO of Swedish virtual exercise business Min Doktor, he co-founded Wrapp and Spotify. Some media have featured him and inspired many aspiring business owners.

Net Worth

According to Andreas Ehn’s 2023 net worth at $1.2 billion. Tech companies pay Andreas Ehn. His most profitable company is Spotify, which he co-founded in 2006. He owns Wrapp, Rebtel, and Acast. Besides his company, Andreas Ehn invests in equities and real estate.

Political Career

No political connection found.

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