Celina Powell Net Worth, Age, Bio, Assets, Husband, Boyfriend, Kids

Model and Instagram sensation Celina Powell is famous as a social media. She also popular for explicit content she posts there. She is also well-known for her work in music, having collaborated with several well-known hip-hop musicians.

Not only is Celina Powell famous for her work, but she has also been in a slew of scandals in her personal life. She lives a lavish lifestyle, which made her more popular on social media. Additionally, Celina has been associated with a number of high-profile incidents involving well-known musicians like Fetty Wap, Drake, Offset, etc.

Celina Powell

Early life

Celina had a tough life during her young age. Her parents divorced when she was a kid, and her aunt was the one who gave her a good upbringing. She is raised in her hometown and went to Wheat Ridge high school located in Colarado.


American socialite and Instagram sensation Celina is popular for her controversial allegations made against some of the biggest hip-hop musicians in the industry.

She became well-known for her entrapment strategies. She would frequently start sexually provocative discussions with celebrities in an effort to blackmail them by posting screenshots of their exchanges on social media.

Celina Powell has falsely claimed to be pregnant for a number of well-known rappers in addition to her entrapment activities.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that her acts have not come without repercussions.

She’s had legal issues in the past, including charges and arrests for theft, breaking traffic regulations, and running from the authorities. Her contentious reputation has been further enhanced by these instances.


On June 13, 1995, she was born in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. She is 27 years old.

Personal life

In the digital era, social media has catapulted a lot of people become the public eye and turned common people into superstars over night. Among those who became well-known via social media is Celina Powell, also referred to as the Black Widow.

The model is unmarried at the moment and has no romantic relationships.

Net Worth

Celina is thought to be worth $1 million. Her employment as a model, entrepreneur, and social media celebrity has allowed her to amass considerable wealth. She promotes a variety of fashion and cosmetic items on her platforms, such as Pretty Little Thing, Diva Boutique, and Fashion Nova Curve. In addition, she is paid through YouTube commercials and sponsorships. She also composed a song called “Proud” with Ayyeyejae.

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