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Chetan Kumar Cheetah, is a CRPF commanding officer of the 45th battalion. He is a great officer and a brave soldier, known to India after the terrorist attack of Bandipore, Jammu and Kashmir. He fought valiantly and killed the top Lashkar-e-Taiba(LeT) commander Abu Musaib. He has taken several bullets before killing the commander and still in a very critical condition.

Chetan Kumar CheetahAttack of Bandipore:

Chetan Kumar Cheetah, is a 45-year old commander in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), who was stationed at the Kashmir Valley. Hajjin Village, is a terrorist prone zone and has seen four encounter between security forces and terrorist, among which 2 are major joint operations. It was reported that Chetan got information from the Jammu and Kashmir Police, that two terrorist are hiding in the Hijjan Village region. He acted immediately and he fired sixteen rounds even after he was injured.  However one of the militants got away and another one was shot dead.

It was reported that the two militants were heavily armed with AK-47s and UBGLs. However, Chetan did not hesitate or wait for a back up force to join him, since it will alert the militants. He was heavily injured in the attack, his arms are fractured, he has sustained many injuries in the abdomen, pelvic regions. He had sharpnel pierced in his eyes. Unfortuately he has lost his vision as well. He was immediately transferred from Srinagar to AIIMS hospital via air ambulance. He is still in a very critical condition and battling for life. Everyone across the country is praying for his betterment.

We will soon update with more personal details about the brave warrior. Stay Tuned!

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