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In the United States, the younger generation regards Crip Mac as a celebrity. His rap music & social media presence are well-known, especially his popular videos that have drawn a lot of attention.

Crip has had difficulties in his life despite his fame. While incarcerated, he engaged in fights and encountered road politics. Still, his rise to fame has been greatly aided by the viral video of him with his cat.

Crip Mac

Early life

On 1993, February 28, in Rancho, Cucamonga of California, Crip Mac was born. The suburban area is about 1.5 hours east toward Central Los Angeles.

Crip Mac hasn’t revealed his true identity or remained anonymous on social media accounts, though. When Crip was a little boy, his mother abandoned him. She chose to go to Houston, Texas, to establish a life with her first white partner.

From first to third grade, he went to Chino Hills’ Newman Elementary School. He had behavioral problems when he was a young child.


The economy of the United States suffered after World War II. People were finding it more and more difficult to afford housing as a result of job losses and rising property values. This economic collapse disproportionately impacted the Black community.

It was the era when American gang culture first emerged. In 1969, Stanley Tookie Williamson started working at Southern Central. In 1978, there were around seventy-five sets of Crips gangs. In the past, Bounty Hunter Blood and the PJ Watts Cripps collaborated to pursue the Grape Street Crips.


Crip Mac is 24 years old as of 2023, as he was born in the year 1993.

Personal life

He was in an affair with both his daily manager, Lupe. He even disclosed his plans to marry his then-partner Lupe on a podcast alongside No Jumper back in May 2022. Unfortunately, it appears that the previous pair is no longer together.

He told in an recent interview that he broke up with his girlfriend over a dirty room.

Net Worth

Officially, Crip Mac performs as an entertainer and rapper. He has a $1 million net worth as of 2023. He has a significant possibility of emerging from the streets because of his music & social media presence.

As a rapper, the music industry provided the majority of his value. The majority of his income is derived from streaming services such as Spotify. But he also merited it based on his interviews.

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