Direct Drive Vs Belt Drive Washing Machine: Which is Better?

When selecting the right washing machine for your home, you’ll come across different brands, and models of washing machines. But before you select the brand or any model loaded with a lot of features, you have to choose between direct drive or belt drive washing machines. These are the only two options when you categorize washing machines based on the drive systems.

And if you have just begun your search about these systems or types of washing machines, then you are at the right place. That’s because we are about to give you the lowdown on the direct drive vs belt drive washing machines, and will let you know which one is better and in what case. So yeah, let’s get going now.

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Belt Drive Washing Machines

First, let’s see what a belt drive system has to offer in a washing machine. This system has been used for many years in washing machines. With the belt drive system, the motor is placed away from the drum, the part of the machine where you put your clothes. A belt is used to take power from the motor to the drum.

Pros Of Belt Washing Machines

  • The first good thing about this kind of washing machine is that it’s actually very easy to fix. And you don’t even need to touch the motor if there’s a problem. Just check the belt, and if you see something is wrong in that part, you can usually fix it easily.
  • Another most liked thing about these types of washing machines is their simplicity. It has been used for many years. So, many people trust it.
  • Lastly, these washing machines are often cheaper than ones that use a different system. So yeah, they are good for people who want a washing machine but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Cons Of Belt Washing Machines

  • The first bad thing is that this kind of washing machine can be noisy. This is because the moving parts rub together. This noise can be louder than in a machine that uses a different system.
  • Next, there can be less power in a belt system. This is because the power goes from the motor to the drum through the belt. Some of this power gets lost on the way.
  • The belt in this machine also needs to be changed every two or three years. This can be annoying because you have to remember to check it after a certain period, and if there is a problem, you’d need to find someone to change the belt for you.
  • Lastly, where the motor is placed can cause balance problems. This can mean the washing machine uses more power, which will cost you more money.

Direct Drive Washing Machines

In a washing machine with a Direct Drive System, the motor is fixed right under the part of the machine where we put our clothes. Unlike older machines, it doesn’t need a belt to work. It’s a bit like having a car with the engine fixed directly to the wheels, rather than being connected with lots of belts and gears.

Pros Of Direct Drive Washing Machines

  • First of all, a direct drive system is a super quiet one. This means you won’t have to worry about your washing machine making a hell of a noise.
  • With such machines, there are fewer pieces in the machine that move around when it’s running. Fewer moving parts can mean less chance of something going wrong or breaking, which is a good thing for anyone who wants their washing machine to last a long time.
  • Because the motor is located right in the center, the weight of the machine is evenly spread out.
  • Almost all the power from the motor is used up when the machine is running. This means that very little energy is wasted, which is great for your electricity bill and the environment.
  • A lot of these washing machines come with something called an ‘inverter motor’. These are special types of motors that can save even more energy.

Cons Of Direct Drive Washing Machines

  • These washing machines cost more money to buy. So you’ll need to spend more money when you first buy the machine.
  • Secondly, if something goes wrong, it could cost more to fix. This is because the system inside the machine is a bit complex.
  • Lastly, if water leaks into the drum of the machine, it could damage the motor. This is a risk because the motor is a very important part of the machine, and if it gets damaged, the machine might stop working.


All in all, while Direct Drive washing machines cost more at first, they can save you money in the long run. They are quieter, wash better, and use less power. But if your budget is tight and you need a machine right now, a Belt Drive machine can still do a good job. So in the end, the choice of selecting the right washing machine type boils down to your needs and of course the size of your budget.

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