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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, popularly known as Queen Elizabeth II, is the Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Realms like, ‘Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, The Barbados, Solomon Islands etc’. She has been serving as the Queen, from the year February 6, 1952.

Elizabeth Alexandra MaryHer Reign:

Queen Elizabeth, were educated by home tutors and their academics included French, Mathematics and History. Also, the home tuition included Dancing, Art Lessons, singing etc. Initially, she was not in-line with the apparent heir to the throne, however, later when her grandfather passed away, her father became the King George VI and this impacted Queen Elizabeth’s life, as well.

During the time of Second World War, both the Queen and her sister, stayed out of London and Elizabeth soon began taking Public duties. She was also appointed as the Colonel-in-Chief of Grenadier Guards, by her father and made her first public appearance in the year 1942 and began her official visits along with her parents.

She tied the knot with Prince Philip, in the year 1947. Even though, the marriage involved lot of controversies, Queen Elizabeth II, made her stand and convinced her father for the marriage. In the year 1952, when her father passed away, she became the Queen of United Kingdom and her official coronation took place in the year June 2, 1953.

Her long reign, is considered to be a peaceful one and many of their possessions became independent during the time period 1950-1960 and evolved as Commonwealth realms. As the Head of the Commonwealth Nations, she has gone on many trips around the world including Germany.

Threats and Controversies:

Being a member of the Royal Family, invites lot of threats and Queen Elizabeth II, was no exception to that. In the year 1981, she had a close encounter when a man from her birthday parade, pointed a gun at her and in the same year some stranger broke into Buckingham Palace.

She was also in middle of controversies, when her son Prince Charles and Princess Diana, faced a rocky marriage. The couple announced their divorce, in the year 1992. Later in the year 1997, Diana was killed in a car crash, in Paris. However, Queen Elizabeth II, remained silent about the unfortunate incident and was scrutinized for her lack of responsibility.

Elizabeth II Height: 5’4”

Elizabeth II Net Worth: $550 million

Elizabeth II Biography:

  • Name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
  • Nick Name: Elizabeth II
  • Profession: Queen of United Kingdom and Other Commonwealth realms
  • Date of Birth: April 21, 1926
  • Age: 91 years
  • Father: George VI
  • Mother: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Children: Price Charles, Princess Anne

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