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Most famously, Eric Persson founded Maverick Gaming. He was born in 1971 and raised in a small Swedish village. Persson wanted to create a business from a young age and worked in technology after graduating. Persson created successful software companies like Cactus Technologies and Vokal Interactive before entering the game industry. He founded Maverick Gaming in 2017, which became one of the nation’s fastest-growing gaming companies.

Eric Persson


  • Full Name – Eric Hans Persson
  • Date of birth – 1975, date unknown
  • Birth Place – Hoquiam, Washington, United States
  • Age – 48 years
  • Nationality – American
  • Height – 5 feet 9 inches
  • Profession – Pro Poker Player, Businessman and YouTuber
  • Religion – Christian


Successful entrepreneur and businessman Eric Persson has ties to the computer and video game industries. A Swedish native, he studied computer science in the US in college. After college, Persson launched Cactus Technologies and Vokal Interactive, two successful tech firms. These companies were leaders in software, mobile app, and internet sales.

Married Status and Children

He married Ann in 2007 after 16 years together. Maverick is the oldest of their four children. His casino is named after his child. The house is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Achievement and Career

After dedicating himself to gaming, Persson created Maverick Gaming in 2017. By offering top-notch gaming and services, the company became one of the fastest-growing US casinos. Over twenty US casinos and card rooms are managed by Maverick Gaming. Persson’s business and education charity activity has made him famous. He also supports social justice and equality groups.

Beyond his business and humanitarian endeavours, Persson is a competitive poker player who has played in big tournaments. His reputation precedes him, and his analytical and strategic skills have helped him in business and poker.

Net Worth

Eric Persson may be worth $40 million in 2023. He founded and leads the company. Over $1 billion has been invested in Maverick Gaming. The confidentiality of Maverick Gaming’s financials makes it impossible to estimate his fortune. He runs casinos, restaurants, and petrol stations under numerous aliases.

Nevada-based Maverick Gaming, LLC operates multiple casinos in Nevada and Washington. The organization wanted to make online sports betting accessible. Its 31 casinos have 2700 slot machines, 1300 hotel rooms, 360 table games, and 50 restaurants.

In 2023, it paid $80.5 million on four Washington State card rooms despite having 27 casinos. Eric always wanted to run a casino. The company operates over 22 Washington and Nevada card rooms. He contributed $4,000,000 and utilized his own investing firm to finance the rest.

Following Tom Cruise’s Top Gun character, he named the corporation after his son Maverick. When his child is old enough, he’ll pass the business on. Eric stated in an interview that Maverick Gaming’s enterprise worth was $1 billion with a five-year aim of $5 billion.

Eric Persson has shaped online gambling. As NetEnt CEO and co-founder, he helped grow the industry. Due to its dedication and innovation, NetEnt leads the industry. Others have raised the bar due to his perfectionist nature. In addition to gaming, Persson has done much good in the world.  With multiple social media profiles, Eric Persson is well-connected. Over 57,500 Instagram followers. 17.5k+ Twitter followers. He has nearly 50,000 YouTube subscribers.


No other assets recorded.

Political Career

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