Is CUET Compulsory In India? Why Is It Important For Class 12 Students?

It has been discovered in recent years that the cut-offs for enrollment to well-recognized universities are extremely high. Many students cannot enter prestigious universities, such as Delhi University, because of high cut-offs. According to studies, Boards like CBSE, ICSE, and WEST BENGAL use various assessment methods. As a result, because some students have poor marks, they do not have equal access to these universities. In order to address this problem, it has been agreed to maintain the CUET Exam, a common admission examination.

The primary objective of this exam is to establish a platform that delivers full equality to all students across India, regardless of board exam results, religion, or sexual identity. Students from rural areas can also apply to central universities if they pass the entrance exam. To apply, students in the general class must have obtained at least 50% in their class 12 board examination. This exam is compulsory in India after the 12th for the reasons mentioned below.

Reasons why CUET is important for class 12th students


Equal opportunities for all students

Students in the modern era hope to gain admission to top institutions to achieve their desired courses. Only a small portion of applicants who choose their dream institutions are, however, admitted. Students do not have a fair chance of choosing their desired university and course because of low marks on Class 12 boards. They become demotivated due to the importance put on Class 12 board exam results.

To encourage students, the Education Ministry has launched the CUET Entrance Exam. This type of admissions test provides equal chances for all students to accomplish well in the exam and gain admission to the top universities. However, it does not imply that Class 12 exams will be given no weightage. The Education Ministry has decided to give the Class 12 board examination 50% weightage, and the CUET result in the remaining 50%.

Subjective bias can be reduced

A candidate who received low marks in some subjects in class 12, such as Math but still wishes to study Mathematics honours faces many challenges in gaining admission to reputable universities. So far, the 12th-class results have been the sole criterion for admission.

Students with low-grade point averages have been refused entry to certain degree programmes. As a result, CUET Exams will be implemented in 2022 to counter subjective bias. The CUCET Exam is intended to minimise subjective bias and defend students’ interests.

Students in Class 12 are given another chance to showcase their abilities by being chosen for the CUET admission test. The student can take the test and do well if they possess the desired potential. This would allow students to enrol in university degree courses of their selection even if they received lower grades in the board exam.

Clarity regarding the students’ positions

Previous years’ exams did not disclose the students’ ranks. Major central institutions did not release student rankings since admission to undergraduate programmes was dependent on results from the class 12 board exams. As a result, students were unsure of their ranks, causing confusion and chaos.

Because they won’t realise their exact rank from before, the students frequently transfer from one college to another. The CUET Entrance Exam was created to address the issue of unequal opportunities caused by poor grades. The CUCET Exam will assist Class 12 students in learning about their eligibility & ranks for a specific degree course.

The cut-off fight is finally over

Students are anxious since the requirements for admission to prestigious universities are exceedingly high. The marking system for CBSE & ICSE students is different, so their cut-offs are also different. Having to meet the cut-off marks can be difficult sometimes, resulting in their applications being rejected.

However, the CUCET Exam score will have successfully replaced the cut-off criteria. The outcomes of the 12th class test and the CUCET are used to determine enrollment. This would offer a fantastic chance for students to demonstrate their abilities, even if they did not perform well in Class 12.

Earlier, well-known universities used their criteria and rules for enrollment in undergraduate courses. They did not use a standard selection procedure. As a result, the selection procedures can be said to be biassed.

CUCET Entrance Exam was initiated in 2022 to give students with low marks in Class 12 a second chance to prove themselves. The significance of completing the CUCET Exam for a student has been explained in detail in the previous sections. It is difficult for students to begin preparing independently because they lack sufficient knowledge and experience. As a result, they are advised to enrol in an ideal Institute, where they will be given the necessary learning material and guidance to help them pass the exam.

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