Key Differences Generic Vs. Brand Name Medicines


A U.S. Food and Drug Administration Fact check  says,” Generic drugs go through a rigorous review process before they get FDA approval.” The FDA ensures that generic medicine provides the same clinical benefit and is safe and effective just as the branded medicine from which it was made.

Cost remains the critical difference between generics and branded prescription drugs. Generic medicines compete only in terms of price and provide consumers with the lowest possible price.


When a pharmaceutical company discovers a new drug through the research and development process, the rights to manufacture the drug remain with the original manufacturer.

The right to manufacture the product-” brand” medicine by the original company for a certain period is termed a “patent.” Patents last for as long as the original manufacturer gets back the investment and profits from the discovery of medicine. After the patent expires, other manufacturers can replicate the formula, which we call “generic.”

Differences Between the Generics and Branded Medicines

Generic medicines have different colours, looks, shapes, and tastes.  This is done so that the brand of medicine is distinguished and has unique differences.

The reason for maintaining the difference between generic and branded medicines in colour and flavour is trade laws do not allow sameness. The difference in these physical properties is due to the use of different types of inactive ingredients in generic medicines.

The inactive ingredients of medicines are dyes, fillers, and preservatives. These also determine the size, colour, and shape.

Following the doctor’s prescription while buying medicines online is important. As we already know, the active ingredient is the same in branded and generic medicines. However, the inactive ingredients that form the base or vehicle are different, which may or may not change the absorption process of the medicine. Hence, while switching the medicine, ensure that the medicine you take may not cause any allergy to you.

Many people are buying generic medicines instead of branded medicines, which are prescribed by your doctor.

There is always something that bothers you, whether the quality of your generic medicine is good or how it is manufactured at a cheaper price. The answer to this question is that the medicine is of good quality. The Food and Drug Association (FDA) ensures that generic drugs are manufactured under rigorous quality guidelines like the branded medicines.

They are safe and effective in the same way as branded medicines. A world without medicines to heal diseases will be very dreadful; that’s why we have generic medicines that are safe, affordable, and efficient for all.

Generic medicines are cheaper because the cost of production does not involve the cost of development and marketing. The expenses behind getting the branded medicine on the market include research, patency, marketing, promotion, and development costs. Because of these enormous costs, the law allows branded medicine manufacturers to recover their investments before allowing generic drug manufacturers to produce and sell the branded medicine.

Facts of Generic and Branded Medicines

  • Generic medicine manufacturers make the medicine work in the same way as the branded medicines.
  • Once the patent is made by the branded manufacturer, it expires. A drug company can file an “ abbreviated new drug application” ANDA. This allows them to produce a generic version of the same medicine.
  • The generic drug must meet the standards before the FDA approves it.
  • Research has found that there is a yearly or two-yearly increase in branded medicines.
  • As per the FDA, generic medicines cost 80-85% less than branded medicines.
  • Anybody willing to know can search for approved drug products with therapeutic equivalence evaluations or orange books for FDA-approved drugs and patents.

Final Thoughts

The branded and generic medicines contain the same active ingredient and the same amount. In most cases, they provide the same therapeutic effect. Certain organisations approve the use of generic medicines in place of branded medicines.

The cost of conducting animal and human studies for the medicine approval is incurred by branded medicines. This is the reason why generic medicines are cheaper than branded medicines. People who understand and believe this will buy generic medicines.

When these discussions about generic and branded medicines are done, it will help doctors make the right decision to prescribe generic medicines.

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