Acrylic Vs Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Pros and Cons

The kitchen is a crucial component of any home, and you must invest appropriately. Today, a variety of materials is available for designing the kitchen, making the choice even more challenging. Many people are confused between wood kitchen cabinets and acrylic kitchen cabinets. Both of these materials have their pros and cons. To help you take a decision, we have shared all the details critical for the decision-making in the sections below.

What is Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet?

Acrylic is a plastic resin that is available in the form of sheets and boards. The finish is highly glossy, and it is resistant to scratches. You can even get a matt finish in acrylic. Moreover, you can get gloss and wood finish while looking for acrylic. One important thing to note is that two types of acrylic kitchen cabinets exist. The ones entirely made of acrylic and the ones where the acrylic sheet is used over MDF Board.

Kitchen Cabinet

Advantages of Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

  • Durability – Acrylic kitchen cabinets are highly durable. They can take a lot of abuse when it comes to scratches, sharp objects and heat. You don’t have to worry about staining the acrylic, either. The acrylic is highly resistant to regular wear & tear as well.
  • Easy to Maintain – Maintaining the acrylic is very easy. It doesn’t require any special instruction. You can use mild soap along with water to clean the cabinets. Moreover, the glossy finish makes them resistant to stains, so you won’t have to clean the cabinets regularly.
  • Options In Colour & Finish – The variety available in colours and finishes is huge. There are limitless options. You can browse through the catalogue and see if something matches your persona.
  • Visually Appealing – Acrylic is usually available in a high gloss finish and is often associated with a premium. The finish of the acrylic feels warm and welcoming. Moreover, you can get a textured finish with acrylic. Because of the glossy finish, your kitchen will feel more spacious.
  • Moisture Resistant – Acrylic is highly water resistant, so it is a perfect choice for the kitchen. If you live in humid weather, acrylic will last very long without any issues.

Disadvantages of Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

  • Expensive – Acrylic can be expensive, especially if you choose kitchen cabinets entirely designed with acrylic. Combining an MDF board with an acrylic sheet will be relatively affordable.
  • Discolouration – You may notice that the acrylic sheets are going through some discolouration after a few years, which may look very odd. In such a case, replacing the sheet will be your only option.

What is Wood Kitchen Cabinet?

We are sure that wood kitchen cabinets don’t need any introduction. These are the timeless design you will find in most homes. Some people have polished wood kitchen cabinets, while others may use laminates over the wood for durability. While making kitchen cabinets, you have both of these options available.

Advantages of Wood Kitchen Cabinet

  • Timeless Beauty – Wood kitchen cabinets are evergreen and will never go out of fashion. They feel premium, which is probably one of the best materials you can use while designing your kitchen.
  • Eco-Friendly Options Available – Today, MDF boards and solid wood is available in eco-friendly option. These pieces are made using replaceable wood, where the trees are farmed to harvest wood.
  • Inexpensive Resurfacing – Over time, any material would lose its shine. With wood, it is easy to resurface the kitchen cabinet. You can simply replace the laminate or sand and polish the surface again. This will make it very easy to maintain the kitchen cabinet in the long run.
  • Sturdy – Solid wood is always considered to be very sturdy. You will not face issues related to assembly if these are handled correctly. If you choose good quality wood, your cabinets can even outlast you.
  • Polish – To make the cabinets look new, you only have to give them a coat of polish or varnish. This will make them feel new again. The effort is less, and it can be done with fewer man-hours.

Disadvantages of Wood Kitchen Cabinet

  • High Maintenance – Wood cabinets can be high maintenance, considering you need to clean them with a dry and soft cloth. You can’t use a wet cloth to clean wood kitchen cabinets as the wood may start rotting.
  • Water Damage – The chances of water damage with wood kitchen cabinets are considerable. If you have humid conditions or work in a wet environment, the wood kitchen cabinets are not for you.

Final Take

You have reviewed the pros and cons of acrylic and wood kitchen cabinets. Both these options are good, and you can choose depending on the design and the weather conditions. You can check out the colour options available in acrylic, which will also help you. Lastly, if you want a modern look, we recommend opting for acrylic kitchen cabinets, but if you want a contemporary look, you can opt for wooden kitchen cabinets.

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