Be an Ace Online Carrom Gamer with Our Tricks and Tips!

Online games have become one of the most popular activities among people all around the world and among people of all age groups. The popularity of basic traditional games like Ludo, carrom, chess, and more, has increased ten-fold since the pandemic hit.

People have realized that it has become convenient to indulge themselves while playing online games, no matter what type of game they prefer. Carrom is part of the list of games that were already popular and were part of every household. But it has become even more popular with its easy availability via many online platforms.

How to Access the Online Carrom Game?

There are plenty of ways with the help of which we can play carrom games online. Go to your preferred search engine and search for carrom games to play. The other option is visiting your Play or App Store. Now search for carrom board download. Once you download these apps, register as a player. Or you can also play as a guest player and enjoy yourself.


Advantages of Playing Online Carrom Games:

The advantages that we get because of the availability of carrom games online are:

  • We can start playing the game from anywhere because we don’t have to carry any extra gaming accessories. We can also play it anytime and with anyone we want to, as you can play with other online gamers or family and friends.
  • Sometimes these online games help us to earn money if we win the games. The prizes for the winners are real-life cash.
  • Another good thing that happened with the availability of online carrom games is that now it has become easily accessible to everyone. You only need a good internet connection, and you are all set.

How to Play the Carrom Game?

The online carrom game rules and regulations and the process of playing it are not that different from the original game with the board. Some of the crucial steps to keep in mind while playing an online carrom game are:

  • Tokens of three colors are available to play a carrom game, i.e., black, white, and red. Two players can play the game. Each will be assigned either the black tokens or the white ones.
  • Only one red token is available on the board. However, it has the most value among all the tokens.
  • You will notice four pockets available on the four corners of the board. These pockets are a very significant part of the game.
  • You will get a comparatively different token than the other tokens on the board, this is the striker, and it will be your only weapon to put the tokens in pockets.
  • The advantage of online carrom games is that you will never lose points for placing your striker in the wrong position, as the game does that for you automatically.
  • Your work is to pocket the tokens you were assigned and the red one to win the match.
  • You might lose points if you pocket the opponent’s token or mistakenly drop your striker in one of the pockets.
  • One of the most important moves to remember is that you should spare at least one of your tokens before you pocket the red token because scoring another of your assigned color is mandatory if you want to get the red one permanently.

The Best Tips and Strategies for Winning the Competition in the Carrom Game:

As the famous saying goes, practice makes a man perfect, so it is imperative to say that nothing can make you a better player and help you win a competition more than regular and thorough practice.

But apart from hard work and continuous practice, a few tips and tricks might help you further win an online carrom competition. These tips and tricks are:

  • You should know the right speed and angle and let your striker go. It can propel your desired coins toward any of the available pockets. If the speed or flicking angle is even a tiny bit off, you might miss your opportunity to score a pocket and earn points, and in a competition, it can be a very crucial miss. So, calculate every move that you make.
  • Even though a game can change with just one move, sometimes the starting of your game can set the flow of the whole game permanently. For example, a break shot is known to be one such move. A break shot is the game’s first strike to disperse all the tokens over the carrom board, thus, giving the players fast opportunities to pocket their desired tokens.

Avoid making wrong moves because it can take away your hard points and be a game changer.

Conclusion: The Final Words Before the Wrap!

Now you have all tricks with you to win the carrom game. So, when are you acing up for the tournament? Hurry up because cash prizes and lucrative rewards will wait for none. Pull up your socks and get ready to play your games. Connect with international gamers and broaden your gaming horizon.

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