Top 10 Best Dry Fruits Brands in India

Adding dry fruits to the routine is key to staying fit and healthy. Dry fruits like almonds, cashew, walnuts, hazelnut, and more satisfy your hunger while giving vital nutrients to your body. Being tasty and crunchier, dried fruits can be replaced with oily, fatty, and junk foods.

Additionally, they are good sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and minerals. So, eating dry fruits will offer you great taste as well as multiple health benefits at the same time. However, there are various health benefits to consuming dry fruits on a daily basis. Boosting energy and stamina is one of them, which is a significant benefit.

Another advantage is that they enhance your overall health while strengthening the digestive system due to fiber availability. But, finding which dry fruits brand is the best to offer a quality product seems challenging. To help you choose the best pack of dry fruits, we have enlisted the top dry fruit manufacturers in India in 2023. Let’s take a quick look:

List of Top Dry Fruits Brands in India

1. Vedaka Dry Fruit

Vedaka Dry Fruit

Address: Ankleshwar Gagangiri Kopa Building Room No. 24 Sayadri Nagar Charkob Kandivili West, Mumbai-393001, Maharashtra, India

If you are looking for premium quality packs of dry fruits, you should check out online packaging presented by Vedaka Dry Fruit. They offer an exclusive range of seeds and nuts. One of the premium dry fruit manufacturers in India 2023, Vedaka dry fruit ensures you’ll enjoy a crispy, crunchy, and nutty taste.

Best of all, the packs of dry fruits they offered meet FSSAI food safety standards. In addition, they are packed hygienically. To conclude, Vedaka dry fruit is one such brand that delivers an array of healthy products. Meeting safety standards ensures every product is hygienic and safe and made of premium quality ingredients.

2. Happilo Dry Fruit

Address: 11th Floor, World Trade Center, Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560055

Established in 2016, Happilo is a Bengaluru-based health food brand. The brand brings a wide range of dried fruits, Nuts, dry roasted snacks, seeds, festive gift hampers, trial mixes and more goods for customers. The leading brand comes up with many products, considering every age group’s needs, making it the priority of Indian households.

Their collection of food products is packed in luxurious packaging, ranging from 150 grams to 1 kg. It aims to promote healthy eating while offering the utmost quality through its products. Besides keeping people healthy, their dry fruit pack supports your digestive system. Hapilo exports quality products at reasonable prices. This is why they have gained immense popularity among users in many places in India.

3. Solimo Dry Fruit

Address: Shop No.3, near Sbi Bank, Nizamuddin West Market, Delhi-110013, India

Solimo is the most sought-after dry fruit brand in India in 2023. What sets Solimo apart from other brands is that their collection of dry fruits is completely healthy, natural and handpicked. The brand aims to keep an eye on maintaining the quality of its products.

All their dry fruit packs go through food safety standards and quality inspections. Solimo is constantly taking initiatives to improve the quality and quantity of its products to meet the demands of its customers. The brand has become popular for offering the best of India’s dry fruits that are prepared naturally. You will get premium nuts and fruits at reasonable prices.

4. Carnival Dry Fruit

Address: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Haryana

Carnival Food Delicacies are the manufacturer and retailer of American, Iranian, and Brazilian nuts and dried fruits like Dried Figs, Dates and Raisins. They also provide personalized gift hampers and customized packs of dried fruits. Their goods and services make Carnival one of the reputed and famous food dealers that won’t comprise over quality.

The very finest qualities of dried fruits are offered throughout the nation. The ISO-certified Carnival’s goods are organic and hand-picked by their workforce. Derived from the USA, each pack has a good appearance at a reasonable cost. On top of this, these goods are an ideal option for both vegetarians and vegans. Even they offer you a delicious taste and wholesome feel.

5. Ancy Natural Dry Fruit

Address: N/A

Ancy comes with a vast collection of food items to meet the requirement of their clients. In their food production, Ancy doesn’t use added taste and preservatives. All of their goods are protein and nutrient-rich.

As an added benefit, their dried fruits and nuts don’t contain any further sweetness. For crispy and fresh products, you should check this brand. You will expect to have premium quality goods if you choose Ancy. Even though ancy is a leading brand, the most sold products by them are Khurmani, Dates, dry fruits, cashew nuts, afghani anjeer, and Munakka.

6. Rostaa Dry Fruit

Address: 10, Rizvi House, Hill Road Bandra-West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 INDIA

Rostaa will be the leading brand of dry fruits in India in 2023. The exclusive collection of dry fruits offered by Rostaa includes apricots, figs, Turkish apricots, and prunes. They offer special products: berries, nuts, mixes, butter, quinoa, and dates. One positive thing about the brand is that every good is hand-picked and grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Apart from dry fruits, they sell berries, ranging from savory to sweet. If you are looking for a healthy snack option, you should give it a try to Roastaa’s products.

7. Tulsi Dry Fruits

Address: KBB Nuts Private Limited, 581/7, Katra Iswar Bhawan, Bhar opp. Fatehpuri Masjid, North Delhi, Delhi – 110006

Tulsi is the biggest edible dry fruits and nuts organization in India, providing an extensive range of flavored and raw goods. The brand has dedicated processing facilities for cashews, almonds, pistachios, and other dry fruits. The Tulsi brand has great mechanization to maintain high hygiene standards and meet clients’ demands across the country

.Try this brand if you wish to invest in a pack of dried fruits that ensure hygiene and safety. The family packs are a great addition to their plus points. ISO and HACCP-certified Tulsi brand has been serving its clients with a quality and great variety of products.

8. Go Organic Dry Fruit

Address: Mehrotra Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. 26G, Sector 31, Ecotech 1, Greater Noida-201308, India

As its name implies, Go organic is thoroughly an organic food brand. The exclusive range of this brand doesn’t contain artificial tastes and preservatives and is completely natural. Goods produced by the brand can be used in salads, recipes, and snacks.

Besides being organic, their products are safe and packed with essential nutrients. For long-lasting consumption, you can pick go organic’s nuts and fruits. Best of all, if you are gluten sensitive, you should consider the goods of this brand as their products are gluten-free.

9. Urban Platter Dry Fruit

Address: Online Store

Founded in 2015, Urban Platter dry fruit is a creation of two brothers named Chirag Kenia and Dhaval Kenia. It is one of the sought-after food producer organizations in India. For the most organic and healthiest dry fruits, go to the official website of the urban platter. In a very short period, this brand has gained people’s trust in India regarding dried fruits and nuts. Their products are delicious yet crunchier. A brand aims to bring people together with rich, quality food.

10. Nutraj Dry Fruit

Address: Online store

Nutraj, India’s biggest online shopping site for healthy treats, provides rich-quality dried fruits and nuts worldwide. Over the past 90 years, they have been imparting the best goods from various parts of the earth. You will purchase their goods at your doorstep at the most reasonable cost. They supply roasted pista, salted pista, beetroot crisps, roasted almonds, spiced okra chips, sweet potatoes, exotic dry fruits, walnut cinnamon honey, etc.


Eating dry fruits has become necessary nowadays as the busy day-to-day schedule can lead to a lack of essential nutrients. So, check out the list of best dry fruit manufacturers mentioned above.

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