Azzlee, an online women’s clothing retailer, presents a bit of a puzzle regarding its origin. Azzlee focuses on providing women’s clothing that’s both timeless and suitable for different body types. Their aim is to make everyone feel comfortable and stylish in their attire.

Azzlee Company Details


Azzlee company is from which country China
Established year N/A
Azzlee company owner N/A
Azzlee company headquarters China
Product of Azzlee Clothing
Azzlee company founders N/A
Parent company of Azzlee N/A

Sustainability Standpoint

When it comes to sustainability, Azzlee doesn’t give a clear picture. Their website doesn’t mention efforts toward sustainability or any community-oriented initiatives.

Location Confusion

The question of whether Azzlee is an American company or not adds a layer of confusion. In an email, they claim to be American. However, their official website tells a different story – it states they are located in China, specifically at Haiguang Building, No.33 Shuixian Road, Siming District, Xiamen, China.

Adding to the mix, their Facebook Page Transparency section indicates that the managers handling their business page are situated in China. This creates a disparity between what’s communicated directly and what’s stated on their platforms.

Product Origin – Made in China

Digging into the origin of Azzlee’s clothing, a customer reported that everything they ordered was made in China. According to Azzlee’s customer support, their product suppliers are based in Asia, reinforcing the connection to China in the manufacturing process.

Shipping Shenanigans

Now, when it comes to shipping, Azzlee seems to have a mixed bag. The customer mentioned receiving their order from a warehouse or distribution center in California, United States. However, Azzlee claims to operate warehouses in both the United States and Asia. The location of shipment depends on where the inventory is stored.

Putting it Together

So, is Azzlee an American company? The conflicting information suggests uncertainty. While an email suggests an American origin, the website, Facebook transparency, and product origin all point to a connection with China.

Considerations for Consumers

For those eyeing Azzlee for their clothing needs, it’s crucial to weigh these discrepancies. The lack of a clear sustainability stance and the mixed signals about the company’s origin may leave some shoppers unsure.

In Conclusion

Azzlee, as portrayed by its contradictory details, seems to have an identity crisis. Shoppers seeking clarity on whether Azzlee is truly an American company or a brand with strong sustainability practices might find themselves puzzled. The decision to buy from Azzlee ultimately rests on the buyer’s comfort level with the information available and their personal preferences.

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