Top 10 Cheapest City in India

With large number of people, India ranks as the world’s second most populous nation. According to a recent survey, India is consistently in the top 10 most visited nations in the world, with over 15 million international tourists visiting each year. Almost 10,240,000 people have decided to make India their permanent home due to the country’s abundance of tourist attractions, pleasant towns, thriving industries, and affordable cost of living.

You may have a great quality of life at a low cost in most Indian cities.

If you are a family of three or four, and having kids, then bringing up a child is a breeze in a number of India’s inexpensive cities. In many urban centers, the low living costs and education makes it simple to live a happy and fulfilled life.

List of Top Cheapest City in India

Here is the top 10 cheapest city in India 2023

1. Kanpur


In the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh, the city of Kanpur (sometimes spelled Cawnpore) is the most populous. As a result of its status as one of India’s biggest industrial centers, it serves as a hub for the country’s workforce and provides people with access to high-quality medical care, academic programs, nightlife, and transportation to other major urban hubs.

Students of engineering come from across the country to study in this city because of its great culture of learning and history.

This compact metropolis has excellent transportation links to larger urban centers like New Delhi, Lucknow, & Agra.

As compared to other major Indian cities, Kanpur has the lowest monthly cost of living, at around 26,000 Indian rupees.

2. Udaipur

Located in the West Indian state of Rajasthan, the city of Udaipur is a popular tourist hub thanks to its rich history, vibrant culture, relaxing atmosphere, and ornate palaces from the Rajpur era. It is widely considered to be the most fascinating and romantic city in all of India. It’s called “The city of Lakes” since it’s centered on two huge bodies of water.

Udaipur has a low amount of air pollution, a picturesque setting surrounded by lakes, a high quality of life, excellent transportation links, a thriving tourism industry, a thriving educational hub, plenty of available land, and a wide variety of housing options. At a monthly cost of around 28,300 (Indian rupees), Udaipur is also among the most affordable major cities in India.

3. Kochi

Kochi, or Cochin, is a city on the coast of the Kerala state in southwestern India. Kochi is the most significant spice trading town on the west coast of India, and it also has a peaceful environment, tourist attractions, economical and readily available retail complexes, eateries, and educational institutes.

While employment options may be fewer in Kochi than in other cities discussed in this article, the city’s monthly cost of living of 29,000 makes it competitive with others in India’s lower-priced metropolises.

The state of Kerala, which includes Kochi, has excellent educational and medical facilities, making it a fantastic place to raise a family. When it comes to infrastructure, the state places a premium on quality education and accessible healthcare.

4. Jaipur

The largest and capital city of Rajasthan is Jaipur, sometimes known as the “pink city.” Tourists flock to Jaipur because it is the country’s leading textile, craft, and gem production centre.

The average monthly cost of living in Jaipur is just 30,000 Indian rupees, making it one of the greatest values among India’s cheapest cities. It also has a low crime rate and a high quality of life.

Living costs are reasonable, the city has a wide variety of low-cost modes of transportation, and the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom flat is just between Rs. 16,000 and Rs. 17,000.

5. Indore

Known also by its old name, Indur, the city of Indore is Madhya Pradesh largest and most populated metropolis and its economic heart.

Indore is one of the best places to call home in India because of its pleasant climate, abundance of excellent educational facilities, delicious local cuisine, friendly and entertaining natives, stunning infrastructure, & low crime rate. A low living cost is just the cherry on top that makes this city a frontrunner for the title of India’s most affordable major metropolis. There is a 30,000 monthly average price of living in Indore.

6. Ahmedabad

The western Indian city of Ahmedabad is the state capital and major city of Gujarat. One of the fastest-growing cities of the decade, Ahmadabad has been recognized by Forbes. An economic and industrial powerhouse in India, it is renowned for its textile and cotton production as well as its artistic and architectural achievements and its role in the building of major infrastructure.

Ahmedabad is among the safest; most developed, and still less costly cities in India, with a monthly cost of living of 35,000 Indian Rupees.

7. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the largest and most populated city in the state of Telangana in Southern India. It’s also a hub for the tech sector, with plenty of chic eateries, boutiques, and historic landmarks to explore.

In 2019, Hyderabad has been ranked first in India for quality of life by recent survey. In addition to being the best city in India, Hyderabad is also one of the cheapest, with a monthly cost of living of only about 37,500 (Indian currency).

Those looking to live frugally and raise a family in comfort have many viable options in this city.

8. Chennai

The state capital of the Tamil Nadu is the city of Chennai, located on Bay of Bengal of Eastern India. Chennai is well-known for its inexpensive cost of living, including low housing rent, low food and entertainment costs, rich educational and cultural heritage, and strong work possibilities, making it one of the largest and cheapest cities in India.

Chennai is one of the best places to call home in India because of its low monthly cost of living of 35,000 Indian rupees and the abundance of work chances it provides.

Parents with young kids are encouraged to settle in this area because of the abundance of affordable housing options, low prices for food and transportation, plentiful employment prospects, and illustrious educational history.

9. Bangalore

Bangalore, now called Bengaluru, is one of the inexpensive cities in India and a rapidly developing economic centre of the country.

With rent ranging from 6,000 to 20,000, a monthly bus pass costing 1,000 to 1,500, an electricity bill of 2,000, Wi-Fi access costing between 300 and 1,000, and groceries costing 1,000, the total estimated monthly living expenses in Bangalore is 40,000 Indian rupees.

Bengaluru is a dynamic metropolis with several elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as colleges and institutions for those who wish to further their education.

10. Kolkata

As the current capital of the Indian West Bengal state, Kolkata was originally known as Calcutta. It is the third most populated metropolis in India and serves as the economic, cultural, and educational hub for the country’s eastern region.

Culture, theatre, as well as the arts thrives in Kolkata. Despite this, the cost of living (including food, entertainment, & lodging) is reasonable. Therefore it provides its residents with the best of everything while keeping the expense of living low.

In Kolkata, a month’s rent or mortgage will set you back about 40,000 Indian rupees, while a worker’s take-home pay will be closer to 60,000. Kolkata is among the secured cities in India thanks to its low crime rate, affordable, diversified, and good cuisine options, and reliable transportation options.


In comparison to other metropolises, the living cost of Indian cities is far lower on average.

As a result of reasonable educational, more families are able to send the children to reputable institutions. Additionally, they are able to keep up a decent level of life while still enjoying some moderately priced indulgences.

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