George Anthony Net Worth, Age, Bio, Assets, Wife, Kids, Granddaughter

A well-known celebrity in the media world is George Anthony. His most well-known performances are from his films and television shows, & his charitable donations to various organizations.

George Anthony

Early life

He was raised in a kind and encouraging family after being born in the Los Angeles, California. His love for the arts has never wavered, and he began pursuing careers in music and acting at a young age.

In addition, he is a generous donor who has supported several nonprofit organizations throughout the years. He has participated in several philanthropic endeavors and is a fervent supporter of equality and social justice. In addition, he has contributed to several charities and art groups as a patron of the arts.

He studied psychology at Ohio State University, where he received his degree. He relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from college and took a job as a counselor at rehabilitation for alcohol and drugs facility. After that, he obtained certification as an addiction expert.


In the late 1970s, George Anthony started working in the entertainment sector. He had several television appearances, such as on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The View, The Tonight Show, etc. In addition, he made appearances in a number of movies, such as The Departed and The Godfather Part II.

George Anthony is not just an actor but also a vocalist.  Best of Both Worlds, his debut album, is among the albums he has published. Along with releasing several singles, he is also the author of “Say Goodbye” and “The Best Is Still to Come.”

Throughout his career, he has gained good recognition and got hands on various awards like best supporting actor, outstanding lead actor, academy award, etc. He was also nominated for best actor in TV series, and golden globe award too.


George Anthony is fifty-five years old, born on April 6, in the year 1965.

Personal life

Georgia & George Jr. are George Anthony’s two children from his marriage to Jennifer. George III and Ella, his two grandkids, make him a proud grandfather as well.

Net Worth

An estimate of George Anthony’s net worth is $20 million. His altruistic pursuits and prosperous acting career have brought him this money. His work has obviously been very successful and fulfilling, even if it’s unclear how much additional money he makes or how much net worth he has.

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