Gudi Padwa 2018 Date, Puja Time and Muhurat

Gudhi Padva or Gudi Padwa, is a spring time festival, which marks the beginning of the new year for the Marathi people. This is widely celebrated by the Marathi Hindus and falls on the first day of Chaitra month. This festival is organised based on the lunisolar calendar. The name meaning of ‘Gudi Padwa’, is First day of the lunar fortnight, according to Sanskrit. During this day, people decorate their floor with colorful decorations, known as Rangoli. Including this, a special Gudi flag, made of garland of flowers, mango and neam leaves, which is topped with upturned silver and copper vessels are hoisted. There are many street processions, including dancing on the street and presenting festive food to friends and relatives are also organised.

In Southern parts of the country, this same day is celebrated under different names like padya, which is celebrated by Kannada people, Telugu people celebrate it as ‘Ugadi or Yugadi’, which marks the beginning of the year. Including them, the people belonging to Sindhi community also celebrate this day as ‘Cheti Chand’, which marks the beginning of their new year. However, this is not celebrated as new year in several other parts of the country.

Rituals and Celebrations of Gudi Padwa 2018: 

The meaning of Gudi is ‘Flag’, so the flag which is decorated with flowers and vessel, will be  hoisted, in each and every house. The day after the new moon day is celebrated as the beginning of the new year, according to the Maharastra people. This festival also signifies the arrival of spring and also denotes the reaping of the crop named ‘Rabi’. Including this, it is also believed that, on this special day, Lord Brahma, created our Universe. It is also believed that on this auspicious day, on this special day, Lord Rama’s coronation was held, after he returned from his exile after killing Ravana. In addition to this, on this day people from Maharastra, visit Shiva temple, along with their relatives and community people.

Each and every household is cleaned during this time, before decorating the flag, in their houses. Maharastra people also prepare sweets namely Puran Poli, Shrikhand or Poori, on this special day.

Date, Puja Time and Muhurat of Gudi Padwa 2018: 

Since this festival is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, the English dates tend to change. This year this festival fall on the following day:

  • Date: Sunday, March 18, 2018
  • Beginning of the year: Marathi Vikram Samvat 2075
    • Pratipada Tithi Begins: 18:41 on March 17, 2018
    • Pratipada Tithi Ends: 18:31 on March 18, 2018

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