Mivi vs BoAt: Which is Better Brand?

Mivi may succeed even if BoAt is India’s most famous audio firm. Both boAt and Mivi have been around for a while, but boAt has had greater success in less time. This choice was reasonable, but Mivi is attempting to make apologies by reentering the market with fresh, high-quality goods. Should you choose Mivi, a younger brand, or boAt, a more established one? Compare Mivi with boAt to find out.

Mivi vs BoAt

Comparison Table

Manufacturing Unit Earbud Price Aftersales Service Preference
Mivi Hyderabad Cheap Time Taking Less
Boat China High Prompt More

About Mivi

Viswanadh Kandula and Midhula Devabhaktuni founded Mivi in 2016. The company’s original two founders’ initials inspired the brand’s moniker.

Does the label originate from India?

Mivi, like other companies, depends on China for raw materials and finished goods. Avishkaran Industries, their production unit in Hyderabad, India, launched recently. It means their products are made from scratch in India, which is excellent since the facility employs over 1500 people. The firm may have 41 to 60 employees at any one time.

About boAt

BoAt was started by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta as Imagine Limited. Baby Mivi was born in 2000. Top TWS earbuds, wired and wireless headphones, soundbars, portable speakers, chargers, smartwatches, and data connections are made by this Delhi-based firm.

Is boAt a brand that’s produced in India?

Despite its Indian name, boAt makes most of its items in China. Since boAt has no Indian manufacturing facilities, all of its items are imported from China. At any time, boAt employs 151–250 people. The contrast between Boult and Boat may also appeal.

Traditional wired earphones are unmatched. Mivi has only released a few wired earbuds like the Mivi Rock and Roll E5, unlike boAt, which has released many. Mivi does not sell wireless headphones. Putting one Mivi earphone against a group of boAt Bassheads is unfair.

Initial Points

Most wired boAt Bassheads earbuds sound amazing too. Therefore, boAt is preferred over Mivi for wired headphones. Bluetooth neckbands and earphones are similar. Mivi has only released a few neckbands, thus we have little to compare to boAt.

The Mivi Collar Flash and Classic Pro are great neckbands. Their bass response and sound quality are good. Clear sound is often pleasant. BoAt neckbands improve sound quality, especially bass. The charging time of boAt neckbands is also important. We would prefer the boAt neckbands if we had to choose only one.

The judges have deliberated, and they have chosen boAt as the category winner. Because Mivi hasn’t put out a plethora of earphones, this is the case. While the neckbands produced by Mivi are lovely, the ones produced by boAt are much superior. Therefore, boAt earphones are the finest option for you.

Mivi vs. boAt Earbuds: A Showdown

Since more customers prefer wired or neckband earphones to true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, all audio companies concentrate on TWS. Mivi has made numerous cheaper earbuds, but boAt has launched too many and is continuously releasing new ones frequently. It puts clients in an untenable predicament, making this tactic tough. Since there are too many boAt earbuds, more options provide customers more freedom but also more confusion.

Which do you think is the better choice for you?

The Mivi headphones have exciting features, but we prefer the boAt earbuds. Since this is the case, prioritize boAt Airdopes. If boAt headphones don’t work, try Mivi. Both firms make decent earbuds, but boAt’s are cheaper. The boAt earbuds offer improved build quality, battery life, and functions.

How helpful is the Support team once a purchase has been made?

In our extensive Mivi review, we noted that their after-sales support is excellent, but purchasers must be patient. Send them an email to complain. You will get a response and step-by-step instructions within two to four days. If it fails, they’ll organize a pickup and send someone to your home to remove it.

Mivi will send your items to Avishkaran Industries in Hyderabad. Your items will be fixed and returned in a week or two.  The procedure may take 15–30 days.

BoAt picks up, fixes, and returns your products. We’ve observed that boAt repairs stuff faster. Mivi may take 15–30 days, whereas BoAt takes 10–20. There will always be outliers, and this time period may fluctuate. Most of the time, boAt’s after-sales service is superior.

What’s the best option in every way possible?

We applaud Mivi’s efforts to promote Indian goods. I’m particularly impressed with their soundbars and portable speakers, while all of their goods are amazing. BoAt understands the Indian market better than we do. They may have too many selections, but you’ll find what you want at a price you can afford. Both boAt and Mivi are great products, but boAt is superior right now.

Conclusions and Assessment

Both Mivi and boAt sell high-quality products in India at affordable costs. This strong competition keeps consumer costs low over time. You should make a solid pick when purchasing audio equipment from one of these providers since you’ll be paying for it. Before spending, think carefully to avoid wasting money.

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