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Leanne Morgan is an American stand-up comedian, comedy writer and podcaster. She is a veteran comedian with over 22 years in the field of stand-up comedy. Morgan’s comedic style and her humorous stories have been entertaining the audience since the last two decades. She has been dubbed “The Mrs. Maisel of Appalachia” by NBC’s Today Show

.Leanne Morgan

Early life

Leanne Morgan was born on 3rd October 1970 in Adams, Massachusetts but raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. She grew up in a close-knit rural community in a loving and supporting family. Morgan’s first performance was in a talent show at the age of 10. She attended the University of Tennessee and graduated in Child and Family Studies in the year 1992.


Leanne Morgan began her career in stand-up comedy by performing in local clubs. Thereafter, she started performing hour-long solo shows at a club as the centrepiece. Her comedy career took off when she was invited to perform at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival in 2008. In the same year, she started uploading her comedy videos on her YouTube channel. Later, she travelled to Canada to perform at the Montreal Comedy Festival.

Leane Morgan’s popularity grew with her appearances on various television shows such as the ABC talk show “The View”, “Dr. Phil” on CBS and several episodes of Paula Deen’s Show. She also participated in the comedy reality show “Funniest Mom” which aired on Nickelodeon. Morgan has co-hosted a comedy show on the radio named “Chewing the Fat” with another comedian Reno Collier.

Leanne Morgan has appeared in comedy specials on streaming services such as VidAngel. She also hosts a podcast show “Sweaty and Pissed…..Menopause and More” based on women’s issues. Morgan embarked on a 100-city comedy tour called “Big Panty Tour” in the year 2022. On 22nd April 2023, her Netflix stand-up comedy special “Leanne Morgan: I am Every Woman” was released.

Personal life

Leanne Morgan married her first husband at the age of 21 but divorced him at the age of 23. At the University of Tennessee, she met Chuck Morgan and later married him. The couple have been married for over three decades. Leanne and Chuck Morgan have three children, namely Maggie, Charlie and Tess.


Leanne Morgan is aged 53 as of November 2023.

Net Worth

Net worth of Leanne Morgan is more than $3 million. She reportedly earns $50,000 from each of her stage shows.

Leanne Morgan Summary

Age 53 as of November 2023
Birth Date 3rd October 1970
Net Worth Over $3 million
Husband/Kids Chuck Morgan (Husband)

Kids: Charlie, Maggie and Tess

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