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As of 2023, Ricardo Lugo, an American attorney, is expected to be worth $5 million. He became well-known as the spouse of Star Jones, a famous talk show co-host, novelist, lawyer, fashion designer, and journalist who championed women’s rights. Lugo is an Administrative Law Judge in Chicago who focuses on cases involving children and domestic relationships. In addition, he practices family law and is an activist in politics. Lugo’s lucrative legal practice and additional revenue streams have contributed to his substantial net worth.


American lawyer Ricardo Lugo was born in Wisconsin on January 3, 1962. He is 61 years old by 2023. Although little is known about Lugo’s personal or family life, his educational background is noteworthy. In 1991, he graduated from Saint Procopius College with a Bachelor of Arts degree and from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a Juris Doctor (J.D.). Lugo is an American citizen with pride. Despite his popularity and success, Lugo maintains his privacy and keeps his personal affairs out of the spotlight.

Ricardo Lugo

Wife and Kids

About his parents and siblings, not much is known. However, he was previously married and has a son named Jake. Star Jones is a well-known figure and Lugo’s current spouse. The couple was married on March 25, 2018, after meeting through a dating app. Star Jones is Jake’s stepmother, and her presence in his life adds to their family’s dynamics.

Ricardo Lugo Career

Ricardo Lugo is an accomplished lawyer with a broad range of legal specializations. He has significantly impacted the legal profession with his vast knowledge and expertise.

Lugo concentrated on criminal law after being admitted to the bar in 1991 and earned significant experience handling various cases. Since then, he has broadened the scope of his practice to encompass delinquent cases, criminal defense, civil litigation, and family law.

Lugo is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and Illinois, allowing him to serve clients in different jurisdictions. His dedication to his clients and commitment to justice have made him a highly respected attorney.

A major stride forward in his profession was taken by Lugo in 2017 when he opened the Illinois-based Lugo Law Office. This accomplishment reflects his entrepreneurial zeal and his willingness to offer his clients individualized legal services. He handles delinquency, family law, civil litigation, criminal defense, and criminal law.

Net worth:

Although Ricardo Lugo’s precise financial information is not available to the public, he is considered worth $5 million. This covers his income from various sources and his earnings as an attorney. He makes a good living as a Chicago-based attorney since the average US attorney makes between $93,314 and $116,702 a year.

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