Spiritual Guru Bhayyuji Maharaj Wiki, Age, Height, Biography

Bhayyuji Maharaj was a highly respected spiritual guru in Madhya Pradesh. He was also known by the name of Yuva Rashtra Sant and he renovated many temples in Maharashtra.

Net Worth

The net worth of Bhayyuji Maharaj is not known.

Income Source

There was no real source of income for Bhayyuji Maharaj as he was a spiritual leader.

Real Name

The real name of this spiritual guru is Udai Sing Deshmukh

Date of Birth: 29April 1968 

Age: 50 Years 


Bhayyuji Maharajhad an average height and he was 5 feet and 8 inches tall. In addition to this, Bhayyuji Maharajweighed about 70 Kgs.

Marital Status

Bhayyuji Maharajwas married to Ayushi Sharma

Personal Background

Bhayyuji Maharaj was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh and he completed his Bachelor of Science from a college in Madhya Pradesh. It is known that he was married to Mahadevi but his wife passed away in 2015. Later in 2017, he got remarried to Ayushi Sharma who is a doctor. Bhayyuji Maharaj also had a daughter whose name is Kuhu. In an unfortunate event, Bhayyuji Maharaj shot himself on 12 June 2018 and committed suicide. The reason for suicide is not known.


Bhayyuji Maharaj started his career as a model but later he followed spirituality. He became a spiritual leader and he renovated many temples in Maharashtra. He was also involved with the conservation of water and he helped farmers with modern ways of farming. He was also offered a post in a ministry but he denied to take it as he is a spiritual leader. It is also known that Bhayyuji Maharaj worked with Anna Hazare during the Lok Pal Bill Protest.

Properties and Cars

The details about Bhayyuji Maharaj’s cars and properties are not listed on the web.

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