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Stormi Steele works as a hairstylist. Steele, born in 1989 in De Kalb, Mississippi, had dreams since childhood. 2011 saw her enroll in a cosmetology program to follow her hairstyling dream. She was inspired by the resilience of female business owners and envisioned starting her remarkable enterprise in the future. At thirty-three, she is enthusiastic about her work. Stormi Steele is not just a salon owner but also a television actor. Many people adore the way she styles her hair. She has amassed enormous riches over the last few years from her salon business.

Stormi Steele Net Worth

According to NetWorthGorilla, Stormi Steele’s rise to a net worth of $20 million in 2023 is a tale of inventiveness, tenacity, and flare for entrepreneurship. Steele saw a void in the hair care industry early on in her work as a stylist, particularly regarding products designed for natural hair.

After coming to this insight, the Canvas Beauty Brand was established and has since expanded to become a multimillion-dollar business. Her story is not just one of monetary gain. It tells the story of a visionary businesswoman who built a successful company out of her knowledge of the demands of hair care. She had a significant effect on the beauty business.

Stormi Steele

Stormi Steele Personal Life

The only person who puts as much effort into her business as Steele does is her husband, Courtney Beasley. He founded the natural hair care company Canvas Beauty Brand and is also an entrepreneur. The couple has been together since Steele’s teenage years, and their business cooperation has been successful. In 2021, her marriage to her longtime companion, Courtney Beasley, resulted in the beautiful addition of their son.

Stormi Steele Age

Stormi Steele, a well-known hair stylist, is only 33 years old. The young, gifted businesswoman and TV actress who is making us all proud. She is undoubtedly an example to all girls who aspire to follow their passions and achieve great things. You can ask any questions you may have by leaving a comment below.


Steele’s rise from hairstylist to CEO of Canvas Beauty Brand demonstrates her flair for entrepreneurship and in-depth knowledge of the beauty industry. Her products have received widespread praise and a devoted following due to their natural components and efficacy. Steele has distinguished herself in a crowded market with her creative approach to cosmetic solutions and commercial sense. It made her a household name in the hair care industry and entrepreneurship in beauty.

In addition, Stormi Steele’s public profile significantly expanded with her casting in Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Her involvement in the program made her more widely known. It provided a distinctive viewpoint on her life as a prosperous businesswoman. Those who watch Love & Marriage: Huntsville get a glimpse into Steele’s daily existence. They saw how she juggles the rigors of running a successful business with her personal life.

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