List of Doraemon Cartoon Characters Name

Doraemon is an interesting cartoon which is liked by all the kids. You will end up finding this cartoon and entertaining that also educates kids with its moral stories in every episode.

Here is a list of Doraemon cartoon characters name

1. Doraemon


Doraemon has a pocket in the fourth dimension from which he may purchase a wide variety of toys, tools, and other items from a future version of a department store. Doraemon lost his ears to a robot mouse during 22nd century because that mouse has bitten his ears.

Therefore, even though he was a robot, he nevertheless came to have a pathological aversion to mice. He has a tendency to panic in times of crisis, as seen by the many times he has reached into his pocket for a crucial tool only to come up with a random collection of kitchen utensils instead.

Doraemon loves dorayaki, a Japanese snack filled with the red bean paste.

2. NobitaNobi

The narrative revolves around Nobita, who serves as both the protagonist and protagonist’s foil. His home is in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, and he is currently in fourth grade. Eyeglasses, a polo shirt in either red or yellow having white collar, & blue shorts are his typical attire.

 The list of Nobita’s shortcomings is endless: he is sluggish, uncoordinated, stupid, fragile, ugly, unlucky, and terrible at sports. A typical day in the life of Nobita includes him being late to school, failing all of his classes, receiving a lecture from his teacher, and receiving a reprimand from his mother for his laziness and lack of academic success.

3. ShizukaMinamoto

Shizuka, also known as Shizu-chan as well as Shizuka-chan, is indeed the smart, sweet, and beautiful neighbour girl who has captured Nobita’s heart. On a daily basis, she soaks in the tub multiple times. Nobita always seems to walk in on her while she’s still in the tub (through the Doko demo Door).

She is notorious for reluctance to hanging out with Nobita and is often cited as an example of this by the fact that she is known to take piano lessons against her will.

 Her two biggest loves in life are sweet potatoes as well as the violin, which she plays almost as badly as Gian sings. In the future, Shizuka marries Nobita thanks to Doraemon’s interference.

4. Takeshi Goda

Takeshi, whose name is derived from the English term “giant,” is a large, powerful, and volatile neighbourhood bully. His name could mean “huge” in Japanese. He proudly flaunts the fact that he has a poor singing voice. He frequently feeds the neighbourhood kids his similarly terrible home-cooked meal as they listen to his terrible singing recitals.

Other kids’ toys and books are easy targets for him because he uses the “borrowing” excuse so often. If a toy is broken, though, he’ll leave it alone. For this reason, many viewers saw Gian as a significant foe of Nobita and his companions. When they’re in dire straits, as is common in films, he does not shy away from helping them, even Nobita.

Some of the episodes focus on Nobita and his pals trying to escape attending one of Gian’s concerts, and one episode or chapter summarises the series by explaining how his pals never bother to celebrate his birthday at his place because he is so self-centred.

Other characters

The other characters are Suneo Honekawa, who is the affluent brat who enjoys showing off his fox face. Hidetoshi Dekisugi, he is Nobita’s classmate who is also vying for Shizuka’s attention. Nobisuke Nobi, He is the salary man and father of Nobita. Other characters include Tamako Nobi, Sensei, Donami, Mini Doras, Sewashi

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