List Of Chota Bheem Cartoon Characters Name

Fans of the show have recently been curious as to who the Chota Bheem characters are, given the show’s reputation for depicting a courageous, powerful, and intellectual little kid.

Green Gold Animations, based in Hyderabad, creates subtitled versions of their Indian animated comedy-adventure TV series Chhota Bheem in Hindi, English, Telugu, & Tamil. Bheem, the youngster, is brave, strong, and shrewd. People in Dholakpur generally trust him because he is usually able to help them out.

Chota Bheem Cartoon Characters Names

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1. ChotaBheem

Chota Bheem

The cartoon’s protagonist, Bheem, is named after the Indian superhero. The main character, Bheem, is a likeable young hero who displays courage, intelligence, and physical strength. Bheem is depicted as being approximately 9 years old.

Bheem is always there to help the people of the village and the monarch in the stories. That’s why everybody in the village loves Bheem. Bheem gets his strength from Laddu, a popular Indian dish.

Chhota Bheem now has a voice thanks to the talented Sonal Kaushal. Her delivery was so masculine that no one would have guessed she wasn’t a man.

Being a versatile player, Bheem ultimately proves victorious. As trouble arises, Bheem confronts the bad guys and rescues everyone.

The series has a number of other major characters in addition to ChhotaBheem. Below, we’ll discuss their part in the cartoon as well as the voice actors who play it.

2. Chutki

Bheem’s best pal is named Chutki. In addition to being Tuntun Mausi’s only child, she is also his only daughter. Laddu shop owner Tuntun Mausi is our protagonist. Tuntun Mausi is responsible for preparing Laddu, Bheem’s superfood and source of power. To put it simply, Chutki is the most important female character in the narrative. Rupa Bhimani provides the voice of Chutki.

3. Raju

Raju is a local boy who grew up in the same community. In the show, Raju serves as an example for the other characters to follow. He’s an adorable, fearless, and devoted young lad. He’s a little kid, only four years old.

The maturity of his bravery far exceeds his years. His father, Senapati of King’s Army, is the source of his bravery. The Character is portrayed by Julie Tejwani.

4. Jaggu

The ChhotaBheem series features a monkey named Jaggu who can talk. He is also Bheem’s closest companion. The male monkey is known as a jaggu. In Telugu, the term for smarts is called the Jaggu. In the story, Jaggu enjoys bananas. Chhota Bheem’s Jaggu is voiced by Rajesh Kava.

5. Kalia

Kalia is a bully because she is a big, muscular kid. Kalia is a typical teenage lad with a case of Bheem envy. Kalia is followed by two young children, Dholu and Bholu. They also play a significant role in the Chhota Bheem series. Artist and woman Sabina Malik Mausam lends her voice to the character of Kalia in Chhota Bheem cartoon.

6. Raja Indraverma

The ruler of Dholakpur is named Raja Indra verma. And he’s the proud papa of royal heir Indumati. He’s a fearless fighter who’s come out on top time and time again in battle. He has a sizable army to guard the town. Like Indra Verma, Bheem serves in the army. Artist Rajesh Shukla is indeed a man, and he’s the one who’s lent his voice to Indra Verma.

7. DholuBholu

There in Chhota Bheem series, Dholu Bholu is one of the many hilarious supporting characters. It was Jigna Bhardwaj who cast the twins, Dholu Bholu.

Chota Bheem is the most entertaining and interesting TV show. Keep watching it.

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