Family Guy Cartoon Characters Names List

The characters of “Family Guy” are largely responsible for the show’s success as one of Fox’s most popular cartoons. The cast of “Family Guy” is hilarious, from Peter Griffin to genius kid Stewie and the Griffins’ eccentric neighbors. The cast of “Family Guy” is as follows:

Family Guy

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin plays the lead role in “Family Guy.” His Rhode Island home is in Quahog, where he raises his family. He acts as though he is intelligent than everyone else and speaks with a heavy New England accent, yet he is actually quite clueless.

Lois Griffin

Peter Griffin’s wife is named Lois. She was married to Peter against the desires of her rich Pewterschmidt family. Lois can sing and play the piano really well. She has a lot of admirers because of her beauty.

Stewie Griffin

Despite his young age, Stewie Griffin’s villainy is on par with that of the most heinous of bad guys. He has a lot of brains, yet he still loves his stuffed animal, Rupert. He’s plotted against Lois numerous times, but to no avail.

Brian Griffin

Their dog’s name is Brian. He always urinates in front of Lois, even though he stands out as the most enlightened and reasonable figure. You guessed it; he has feelings for Lois.

Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin is Peter and Lois’s only child. She is the punchline of many family jokes and is generally despised by her siblings and cousins. She and Peter became closer as she drove him around town after he lost his license. She also likes Luke Perry.

Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin is the oldest child of Peter and Lois. He isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he can draw and sing He is devoted to his father and eagerly participates in Peter’s antics. His closet’s crazed monkey is another source of anxiety for him.


It’s clear that ice fishing isn’t on Glenn Quagmire’s mind at all. He is obsessed with Lois, his next-door neighbor, but he also chases other women. He¬†pursued Meg when she turned 18. We know now that Quagmire is a pilot and has problems with his father.

Cleveland Browns

The Griffins’ next-door neighbor on Spooner Street is a guy named Cleveland Brown. When compared to the other “Family Guy” characters, he is the most amiable and laid-back.

Other characters

Pewterschmidt Family, John Herbert, Joe Swanson are also popular supporting characters of family guy show.

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