The Loud House Cartoon Characters Names List

Characters in The Loud House are based on members of writer Chris Savino’s own huge family. The show takes place in an imaginary Michigan community called Royal Woods. Lincoln’s interactions with his other 10 sisters are a major plot feature.

Here is a full character name list of Loud House Cartoon

The Loud House

The Loud Family

Lincoln Loud

He is a middle kid in the Loud Family. He’s the lone son family & the youngest magician in Royal Woods; he’s also sweet and clumsy (11 years old in the first four seasons, 12 in the fifth and beyond).

Lori Loud

She’s the eldest sibling in the family. She’s a feisty and cynical adolescent (17 years old) in the first four seasons, and an adult (18 years old) in the fifth and beyond. She used to order around her younger brothers and now she’s always in touch with her boyfriend, Bobby, via phone and text. She enrolled to Fairway University this fall.

Leni Loud

She’s the eldest sister by a few years. She is the oldest sibling still at home after Lori left for college, and she is a naive but good-natured girl who acts as a staff member at Reininger’s.

Luna Loud

She’s the eldest sister by three years. She’s a rock and roller at heart and has a free spirit.

Luan Loud

She’s the eldest sister by four years. She is a hilarious prankster (14 years old in the first four seasons, 15 in the fifth and beyond).

Lynn Loud Junior

She’s the eldest sister by five years. In the first four seasons, she’s a sporty 13-year-old, and in the fifth and beyond, she’s a 14-year-old.

Lucy Loud

She is the sibling group’s fifth-youngest member. Lucy, the goth sister, has a habit of appearing out of nowhere and scaring her family.

Lana Loud

She is the oldest the 4th-youngest of all the sisters who delights in playing in the mud and is also a skilled mechanic.

Lola Loud

She is a sister who is the complete antithesis of Lana. Lola is a pampered brat who likes to take part in beauty contests for children.

Lisa Loud

She is the second-youngest of the sisters, but nevertheless a formidable intellect which makes her different.

Lily Loud

She’s the youngest sibling. She’s only 15 months old, yet the diaper she takes off mostly has a terrible odor.

Other characters

The other characters include parents of loud family, maternal grandfather, great aunt, paternal grandfather, and pets like dog, cat, lizard, snake, frog, rat, bat, etc.

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