Regular Show Cartoon Characters Names List

Regular Show is a popular American animated television series produced by famousĀ J. G. Quintel forĀ starring below-mentioned characters.

The show follows the antics of blue jay Mordecai and raccoon Rigby, both of whom are 23 years old. They are park maintenance workers who use every method necessary to avoid doing their jobs and pass the time.

Check out the Regular show cartoon characters names list below:

Regular Show


Mordecai, along with his closest pal Rigby, is among the two primary protagonists in Regular Show. He was introduced as a human cashier who eventually becomes a prototypical Mordecai-like creature with a fanny pack. In the following pilot episode, he makes his debut. Show creator J.G. Quintel provides the voice of Mordecai.


JG Quintel brings Rigby to life in the animated series Regular Show. He has a close friendship with Mordecai, a Blue Jay that can talk. They hang out in the park and enjoy a good time together. It is a place of their employment where they could be terminated at any time

Benson Dunwoody

He is gumball machine and the park manager, who is in his middle years. His usual targets for anger are Mordecai and Rigby, whom he views as lazy and mischievous, while Muscle Man & Hi Five Ghost also occasionally gets on his nerves. He has a quick temper and frequent outbursts of anger.

Pops Maellard

Pops Maellard, a lollipop guy who lives in The Park frequently speak in a whiny-like tone is happy, humble, quirky, dumb, and naive. The Park is owned by Mr. Maellard, his adoptive father. Pops is the type of person who is often enthusiastically shouting, “Good show!” when pleased by something. Instead of expressing disappointment, he’ll simply respond, “Bad show.”


White yeti anthropomorphic named Skips maintain The Park’s grounds. He is the go-to guy for solving the park’s chaotic problems because he is the most powerful and intelligent employee, but he isn’t always correct.

Muscle Man or Mitch Sorrenstein

Sam Marin lends his voice to Mitchell “Muscle Man” Sorrenstein, a 25-year-old groundskeeper at the Park who is overweight, has green skin, looks like Frankenstein, and has a pig’s nose. He acts in an unpredictable and juvenile manner, playing pranks and making jokes frequently.

Hi Five Ghost

It’s been a while A ghost named Hi Five, whose hand protrudes from the highest point of his head, maintains The Park.

Other characters

Other characters include Eileen Roberts, Thomas, Margaret Smith, Don, Gary, The Sensai, etc.

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