Harley Quinn Cartoon Characters Names List

Based on the character from DC Comics of the same name, Harley Quinn was conceived by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm for an American adults animated black comedic superhero television series.

The character names list of Harley Quinn includes:

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Harleen Quinzel or Harley Quinn is indeed the anti-heroine of the show. She is a psychiatrist turned super villain’s sidekick. In the first episode, Harley tries to break away from The Joker, and by the end of the season, she has successfully formed her own criminal organization.

Poison Ivy

In exchange for Harley teaching her to be less of a misanthrope, Poison Ivy, a self-identified eco-terrorist who is against joining the game of the dominated by men supervillain industry, helps Harley escape from Arkham Asylum and start a new life.

Since becoming Harley’s housemate & best friend, Ivy often finds herself picking up after Harley, despite Harley’s insistence that she is not a member of her gang.

Joker and Clayface

The voice of Clayface, a changing form bartender, he joins Harley’s gang, is given by Alan Tudyk, who also provides the voice of The Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis & Harley Quinn’s former lover, in Harley Quinn. This Clayface, who is never introduced by his civilian name on the program, appears to be modeled upon the Basil Karlo rendition of Clayface that appears in comics who is a potential actor who often overacts.

Frank, the Plant

Poison Ivy has several houseplants, but only Frank is able to converse with her. Frank, a grumpy couch potato (who isn’t actually a potato despite spending much of his time there), supports Harley’s crazier plots because he enjoys watching them unfold.

Doctor Psycho

Doctor Psycho is an average-height middle-aged man. Due to his telepathic abilities, his skull is distorted, with has an abnormally big left side.

When the telekinetic & telepathic Doctor Psycho crossed a limit that even the Legion of Doom’s top brass found offensive, he lost his status as Wonder Woman’s official foe. He had no choice but to join Harley Quinn’s gang.  He only wear black color outfits, have spikes and a thick mustache.

King shark

After first joining Harley’s crew as the IT guy & social media handler, King Shark found himself thrust into the thick of things during their robberies.

Other characters

The other cartoon characters include SY Borgman, Bane, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, kite man, Queen of Fables, etc. All of them have their prominent roles in animated cartoon series.

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