Unbelievable! Molestation Complaint registered against ‘Big Boss 10’ Fame Om Swami

A 30-year old woman has allegedly filed a complaint against the ‘Self-Style Godman’ Big Boss 10 fame, Om Swami, on February 7, 2017. She has reported that, when she was going to Rajghat power house for some work, Om Swami and his associate, intercepted her on her way, harassed her by tearing her clothes. She also claims that, the duo took her to their ashram near ITO and tried to rape her and threaten her to spoil her image. She also mentioned in the report that, she managed to escape and soon she made a PCR call and she also informed her mother and sister. DCP, Central and MS Randhawa has also confirmed this incident.

Swami Om Ji Biography, Age, Wiki & Photos, VideoAfter investigating the woman regarding the incident, Police informed that Om Swami and his associate has also thrashed the woman’s husband due to some dispute in the past. Woman also claims that ‘Om Swami, threatened her by saying that he is a Godman and will ruin her family and her generation’s by cursing them and also he told her that she should be scared of him because he is a big boss contestant’. Delhi Police have reported that following the woman’s complaint on the duo, they will form teams to search and arrest them, in order to take necessary actions on them for molesting a woman.

About Om Swami:

Om Swami is a religious and a political leader in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He is 60 years old and from Delhi, India. He has also completed his Ph.D in Astrology. He is one of the famous Hindu Baba, who has also claimed that Mr.Narendra Modi has approached him for campaigning. He entered the Big Boss 10 as a common contestant and considered to be a tough competition to all the other contestants. However, Om Swami has also been reportedly thrown out of the house by the security guard for his illegitimate behaviour towards other contestants.

Other Controversies:

During the controversial show Big Boss, it was reported that he has thrown his urine on his co-contestant Bani J and Rohan Mehra and was immediately put behind the bars by other contestants. They have also claimed that, when he was sent out of the show, he threatened the show makers that ‘He will not allow them to conduct the grand finale, if he is not called back by them in two weeks time’.

However, Om Swami has given interview to a TV channel immediately after his banishment from the show. In which he has mentioned that, the contestants would adulterate his food with drugs and non-vegetarian every day. He also claimed that the show runners threatened to kill him and he also accused Salman Khan who is a host, being anti-national and he also belonged to ISI. In addition to this he also made a controversial statement against his co-contestants, Bani J and Jason Shah, during captaincy task they slept together for four days.

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