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Uzma Ahmed, fondly called as ‘India’s Daughter’, is an Indian civilian, who was tricked into marrying a Pakistani national under gunpoint. It was reported that, she fell in love with Tahir Ali, in Malaysia. On May 1, she travelled to the remote Buner district in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, to meet Tahir Ali. Following this, on May 3, she was forced to marry him.

Time spent in Pakistan: 

In her mid 20s, Uzma Ahmed, has already been married to an Indian and she has a daughter from her first marriage. Unfortunately, her first marriage did not last long. Recently, she met Tahir Ali, on one of her trip to Malaysia and fell in love with him. Later, she went to Pakistan to meet him, however, without her full consent, she was forced to marry him, under gunpoint.

She has reported that they threatened her with her daughter, saying that they will kidnap her, if she protested. She was also tortured by her in-laws and husband in various ways like, beating her up, torturing mentally and physically and she was forced to sign the ‘Nikahnama’, an islamic marriage contract.

Uzma Ahmed wikiReturn to India: 

Following the, gruesome behaviour of both her husband and in-laws, she filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court, asking them to allow her to India, since her daughter from first marriage, is suffering from a rare haemoglobin disorder ‘Thalassaemia’ and she needs special care and treatment immediately.

In response to her petition, the court ordered Tahir to return her immigration papers immediately, which was taken from her upon her arrival at Pakistan. Tahir submitted her documents, allowing her to return to India. She was accompanied by mission officials and Pakistani police, ensuring her safe return across Wagah border. Upon her return, she has described Pakistan as a ‘Well of Death’. She also thanked Sushma Swaraj, who was the real reason behind her safe arrival.

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