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Ashley Flowers is an American podcaster, author, and founder of a non-profit organization. She has created a successful true crime podcast, “Crime Junkies.” Her breakthrough novel, published in 2022, “All Good People Here,” became an instant New York Times bestseller, crowning the career of the author. Here, we are going to be discussing everything about her, what she does in business, and her personal life.

Ashley Flowers

Net Worth

She makes a hefty amount of money from podcasting to tune close to $70K. Ashley Flowers makes about $40K monthly from YouTube videos. The social media site also makes for her about $10K monthly. All these combined, it is suggested that Ashley Flowers amounts around $1440K yearly earning. The huge earnings from the varied streams boosted her Ashley Flowers’ net worth.


She is 35 years old.


When she was young, she read a lot of mystery and crime novels, mostly focused on the Nancy Drew series, in addition to religiously watching TV programs like Matlock, and mused, “I could be a cold case detective one day.” Subsequently, after graduating, Flowers worked in biomedical research and later in sales for a medical device company. True crime podcasts are one of the tastes that had brought some relief in her work commutes apart from Serial, the show podcast that Pavat has been raving about and would be the true crime gateway drug for Flowers. By 2017, Flowers had started business development for a software company.


Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana is a volunteer job Flowers has spent time working. While on the board, they asked Flowers how Crime Stoppers might reach a younger audience. Flowers came up with a 20-minute episode of “Murder Monday” that aired on a local radio station. After a year, Flowers developed “Crime Junkie” with Prasut for creating the project and collaborations.

Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat are the hosts of “Crime Junkie,” which began in 2017. “Crime Junkie” has been a quick mover over its first couple of years. Flowers and Prawat unveiled a national tour this past July.

Additionally, Flowers and Prawat were accused of verbatim works lifted from others in 2019 that include newspaper articles and even from other podcasts. They also lifted an episode of the show to make episodes of “Crime Junkie.” Verbally worded content in some cases; in a few, very few, words changed.


Ashley Flowers is married to Erik Hudak and they have been having a happy life for 10 years.


The couple, a family of three, has enjoyed the moments since the year 2022. Her Daughter’s name is Josie. Flora shared a range of their mirror selfie moments with a family of three and said that by far her favorite thing of the day remained their temporary photo session.

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