Vegas Matt Net Worth, Age, Bio, Assets, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids

Among the renowned YouTubers who have received tremendous popularity, Vegas Matt is a very well-known name in both gambling and YouTube world. He has had a very prosperous career that garnered him great fame. Along with his personality full of charisma and years of experience, Vegas also works as a very trustworthy advisor in the matters of casino and sports betting. Apart from that he is also well acquainted about the tidbits in Las Vegas. Here we will know the details about the person and more.

Vegas Matt

Net Worth:

By 2024, Vegas gambler Matt is worth $45 million. Matt’s wealth via tournament money, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and other sources proves that high-stakes gambling can be lucrative. Smart thinking, experience, and persistence may lead to financial success, as his case shows.


Born October 4, 1963, in Orinda, California, Vegas The legendary Matt will turn 61 in 2024.

Early Life

From Orinda, CA, Vegas Matt’s upbringing and family are unknown. Strategic thinking and his inherent talent may help him succeed in competitive gambling. After graduating from Miramonte High School, Matt studied business economics at UC Santa Barbara and became a successful gambler.


Vegas has education. Matt won multi-million dollar tournaments and gained renown in gambling. Matt’s odds calculation and trend analysis method has consistently yielded substantial winnings, making him a strong gambler.

Matt’s 2005 World Series of Poker triumph earned him $1.5 million. His 2007 Blackjack Tournament and 2010 Baccarat Championship wins earned him $500,000 and $750,000, establishing his reputation. Matt’s resilience has enabled him to return from losses exceeding $1 million, confirming his knowledge of the game and cementing his status as one of the top professional gamblers.


While Matt’s substantial wealth is well-documented, specific details about his assets remain undisclosed, adding an air of mystique to his financial empire.


A lovely couple, Matt and Kathleen C. Morrow have been married nearly 35 years. The couple married on May 14, 1989, and is faithful. Moroga, California’s Kathleen (KC) shares Matt’s unconditional affection.


Matt and Kathleen are proud parents of a boy and girl who show their determination. Matt teaches his kid Ej gambling. Their daughter Annie Morrow, now Annie Eisenach, teaches in Scottsdale Unified School District and strives to educate future generations. The Morrow family remains united by love and ideals despite their diverse hobbies, showing that family ties can endure challenges.

For the book, it finds the perfect underdog hero to champion from such humble beginnings to great heights. A real-life stylized David and Goliath story that welcomes one behind closed doors into the lives of those that would live the life of a professional gambler. In Matt’s case, it is through his strategic acumen, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence that for scores of aspiring gamblers and enthusiasts the world over, he has carved his place among the legendary status in high stakes.

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