Bigg Boss Kannada – Season 5 Contestant List

Bigg Boss Kannada is a Television reality competition aired on the Kannada Television channel, Colors Kannada. This show is produced by Endemol and is hosted by the Kannada Star ‘Sudeep’. This is one of the most popular shows in the channel, with highest TRP rating. This show has successfully completed fours seasons, starting from 2013 and is stepping into its Fifth Season, this year.  In this article, we are listing the contestants and a short biography of them and the personalities who have already been evicted on the show.

This season is quite different since they have given an opportunity for common man to participate in this show.

Bigg Boss Kannada – Season 5 Contestant List: 

Name Short Biography Evicted
Jai Srinivasan He is the first contestant on this show and is a renowned numerologist. He had made his debut in small screen, through astrological programs in Kasturi, TV9, Samaya, Sri Sankara Channels. Including this, he is also one of the most trusted people for the politicians in Karnataka. Now he is going to make his appearance in the famous show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’.  
Megha She is the first female contestant on the show. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her personal information is yet to be disclosed. Evicted
Dayal Padmanabhan He is the third contestant of the show. He is a filmmaker in Kannada, who is also a writer, Director ad Producer. He has done many films starting his career in the year 2000. Recently, he has directed a film named ‘Sathya Harishchandra’. Evicted
Sihi Kahi Chandru He is a comedy actor, who gave a top-notch performance in his first movie, along side his wife ‘Sihi Kahi’. From then on, this became his stage name. Including this, he has done many comedy, supporting roles, hosting in cooking shows, etc. He also has 2 daughters. Evicted
Shruti Prakash , She is a singer, who is waiting for her debut in Kannada Film industry. However, she has made her debut in both Marathi and Tamil films.  
Anupama Gowda She is famous TV personality in Kannada. She gave her debut performance in films, with ‘Nagari’ in 2015. She has also done other reality shows and yet to achieve in the Kollywood film industry.  
RJ Riaz Pasha He is a TV anchor and hosted many shows in various languages. He is a well-known face among serial lovers. He hosted the press meet of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1.  Including this, he has also lent his voice to many artists.  
Nivedhita Gowda She is a non-celebrity, who has become a well-known face with the Dubsmash, an online media to display your acting skills. Currently, she is pursuing BCA and is the youngest in the show.  
Sameer Acharya He is a Priest and a Sanskrit Scholar. He is a non-celebrity in the house.  
Kartheek Jayaram He is a Kannada actor and uses the screen name JK. He has also done 2 – 3 films with Sudeep. He is a38-years old.  
Ashita Chandrappa She is a well-known serial actress, who has given performance in many serials like ‘Neeli’ and ‘Jothe Jotheyali’.  
Diwakar He is a non-celebrity, who works as a sales person. He came to South India, on business purpose.  
Tejaswini Prakash She was a TV actress, who was seen in many Kannada series. In the year 2012, she debuted in film industry and gave many good performances with great stars. Evicted
Chandan Shetty He is a music composer, lyricist in Kannada film industry. Including this, he is making his debut in the silver screen with the Kannada movie, ‘Vichitra Prema Kathe’.  
Suma Rajkumar She is a non-celebrity. Currently, she is a housewife and entered the house with no expectations. Evicted
Jagan Host in a TV show. Including this, he has acted in many serials.  
Krishni Thapanda She is model and made her debut into film industry with the movie, ‘Akira’. Evicted


She is a film actress and was the first wild card entry in the house Walked out


She is a Big Screen actress, who was the second wild card entry of the house.  

We will update you on more elimination process and Wild card entries, in this show.

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