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Luke Belmar is an American entrepreneur, influencer and YouTuber. He is an expert in cryptocurrency, e-commerce and social media. Belmar is particularly known for his YouTube channel having millions of subscribers in which he posts interviews, vlogs and business tips. He is also the co-founder of Luke Belmar Capital Club, a group of wealthy individuals which provides expert advice and resources to expand and protect wealth.

Luke Belmar

Early life

Luke Belmar’s exact date of birth is not known. However, what is known is that he was born in Argentina in the year 1998. At the age of 16, he migrated to USA with just a suitcase in hand and $200 in his pockets. He took up odd jobs such as cleaning toilets, washing basketball courts and doing house-to-house sales work during his initial years in USA. Later, he enrolled into an university but dropped out.


Luke Belmar ventured into digital marketing by working as a Facebook ads specialist for ad agencies. He gained considerable knowledge in the field of online advertising and started his own ad agency offering digital marketing services to businesses. Belmar also ventured into e-commerce with dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business model in which the seller does not keep inventory but places orders with third party suppliers. He set up many e-commerce stores in various categories such as gadgets, fashion, fitness and beauty. His knowledge and experience in Facebook ads helped him in generating sales for his stores.

Belmar expanded his source of income by investing in cryptocurrency assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and non-fungible tokens or NFTs. As per Belmar’s own claims, he put all his investments in crypto assets in 2020. He also claims to have earned millions of dollars through his investments in cryptocurrency.

In August 2019, Luke Belmar launched Capital Club. It is a platform for entrepreneurs, investors and celebrities with a focus on wealth creation, expansion and preservation. Belmar operates two YouTube channels, namely Luke Belmar and Luke Belmar Vlogs. Luke Belmar is his main channel with 2 million subscribers. The main channel carries his videos on e-commerce, cryptocurrency, marketing, branding and more. Luke Belmar Vlogs carries vlogs related to his personal life and has a subscriber base of over 500k.

Personal life

There is no information about the parents or siblings of Luke Belmar. He is reportedly single and is not currently dating anyone. Luke Belmar converted to Islam after being inspired by the controversial Andrew Tate.


Luke Belmar’s age is over 25.

Net Worth 

Estimated net worth of Luke Belmar is $15 million. He earns mainly from his multiple investments.

Luke Belmar Summary

Age 25+ as of November 2023
Birth date 1998
Net Worth $15 million
Wife/Girlfriend/Kids Single

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