Rising Star: Host, Judges, Selection Criteria and Top 14 Contestants 2017

Rising Star, is an Indian reality singing competition and its the version of the International franchise series Rising Star. It is based on the Israeli singing competition, ‘HaKoKhav HaBa’, made by Keshet Broadcasting Ltd. Rising Star, is aired in the channel Colors TV and they have also officially introduced a live voting system. Through the live voting system, people can cast their vote for their favourite contestant, by means of Colors TV app, which is made available for Android and iOS phones.

Colors Rising StarThe show first premiered on Colors TV, on February 4, 2017 and it is aired on weekends by 9.00pm. This is the first show, where audience are able to vote for their favourite contestant online. Popular playback singer and music director Shankar Mahadevan, playback singer and actor Monali Thakur and actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh are the experts in the show. This is the Debut TV show for the singer Diljit Dosanjh.

Host:   The show is being hosted by singer-actor Meiyang Chang and dancer-choreographer Raghav Juyal.

Judges: The viewers are considered as judges, since the show will be happening in the real time and they are able to cast their votes for the favourite stars. However, in the expert panel there will be three celebrities ‘Shankar Mahadevan, Monali Thakur and Diljit Dosanjh’.

Production: On October 16, 2016, Variety had reported that Viacom 18 had signed the license agreement with Keshet International for the format rights to the reality show. The show is aired in Colors TV from February 4, 2017

Eligibility Criteria: The contestant should be years or above. They can perform Solo, Duet, Trio or Group Act. Only the talent matters, if you are able to sing during audition, then you are selected.

Audition Format: In contrast to the other shows, here the contestants will be asked to perform in Live and audience will be the judges for their performance. Both the votes from audience as well as the expert panel are considered. However, expert panel will not influence more than 7% of the voting.

  • Round 1: In Round 1, the contestants will be asked to perform individually, behind a screen called ‘The Wall’. After the performance, the voting starts and registered voters can select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, even if they haven’t selected anything then it will be considered as ‘No’.

If the expert votes ‘Yes’, the another 7% will be added to the tally of the contestant. The contestants can also view the face of their favourable voters in the screen. Once the contestants gain 70% votes, the wall is raised and the contestant, qualifies to the next round.


  • Round 2: Contestants who make it through Round 1, will be paired by the judges to face off in a duel. In this round, the first contestant sings with the wall up and will set a benchmark for the second contestant. After this, the second contestant sings with the wall down. If the total number of votes secured by contestant 2 is more, then the wall is raised and second contestant proceeds to the next round, while contestant 1 is eliminated. If contestant 2 fails to raise the wall, he/she will be eliminated and contestant 2 goes through the next round.


  • Round 3: The contestant will be split into two groups and asked to sing. The contestant who scores less voting percentage will be sitting in the Red Sofa and finally those contestants will be eliminated.

Round 1 Finalists:

The Live Audition finalists: The Live auditions began on February 4, 2017 and the applicants were asked to perform individually. The finalists in the Round 1 are as follows:

Episode DateContestant NameAgeVoting %Result
Feb 4, 2017Afsana Khan2292Advanced
Feb 4, 2017Nisha Sarwaan1891Advanced
Feb 4, 2017Sankalp Ketwal2089Advanced
Feb 4, 2017Ishrat Siddiqui2692Advanced
Feb 4, 2017Diljot Qawwali Group10-4094Advanced
Feb 4, 2017Kartiki Gaikwad1978Advanced
Feb 4, 2017Sukhdeep Gharu2193Advanced
Feb 4, 2017Shraddha, Ramesh Das56, 2593Advanced
Feb 5, 2017Ankita Sachdev2796Advanced
Feb 5, 2017Vibha Saraf3083Advanced
Feb 5, 2017Amey Date3794Advanced
Feb 5, 2017Sheuli Samadar3093Advanced
Feb 5, 2017Ankita Kundu1593Advanced
Feb 5, 2017M.L.Gayatri, M.L.Shruti28, 2290Advanced
Feb 5, 2017Anita Bhatt2383Advanced
Feb 11, 2017Ayesha, Abhipsha25, 2693Advanced
Feb 11, 2017Das Vegas25, 2782Advanced
Feb 11, 2017Maithili Thakur1694Advanced
Feb 11, 2017Meghdhanush Band23-3088Advanced
Feb 11, 2017Pooja Sarkar2376Advanced
Feb 12, 2017Anmol Sharma1494Advanced
Feb 12, 2017Loveleen Kaur1694Advanced
Feb 12, 2017Nikita Boro1295Advanced
Feb 12, 2017Nitin Nayak1593Advanced
Feb 12, 2017Peehu Srivastava1191Advanced
Feb 12, 2017Chelsi Behura1193Advanced
Feb 18, 2017Niazi Nizami Brothers18-3489Advanced
Feb 18, 2017Shreyasi Bhattacharjee2094Advanced
Feb 18, 2017Bannet Dosanjh2393Advanced
Feb 18, 2017Piyush Panwar1994Advanced
Feb 18, 2017Ankona, Niharika11, 1378Advanced
Feb 19, 2017Vikram Jeet Singh2896Advanced
Feb 19, 2017Raagdeep19-2392Advanced
Feb 19, 2017G.Ritesh1985Advanced
Feb 19, 2017Dipsikha Bhuyan1487Advanced
Feb 19, 2017Humsufi26-3295Advanced
Feb 25, 2017Deblina Nath1392Advanced
Feb 25, 2017Jidnesh Vaze22812ndChance
Feb 26, 2017Rakshita Suresh1894Advanced
Feb 26, 2017Dharmendra Nayat2292Advanced
Feb 26, 2017Sayani Palit2693Advanced
Feb 26, 2017Deepesh Bhati19872ndChance
Feb 26, 2017Vikram Labadiya &group13-5992Advanced

These Top 30 contestant’s will be moving on to the second round and if they clear that round they will be passing on to quarter-finals, else they will be eliminated.

Round 2 – Duels Ki Takkar Finalists:

As already mentioned, contestants will be paired with one another and each will be asked to perform, to raise ‘The Wall’.

DateContestant NameVoting %Result
March 4, 2017Ameya Date92Advanced
March 4, 2017Vikram Jeet Singh95Advanced
March 4, 2017Diljot Qawwali Group90Advanced
March 4, 2017Chelsi Behura87Advanced
March 5, 2017Nikita Boro92Advanced
March 5, 2017Afsana Khan90Advanced
March 5, 2017Raagdeep77Advanced
March 5, 2017Jidnesh Vaze84Advanced
March 11, 2017Ankita Kundu92Advanced
March 11, 2017Maithili Thakur93Advanced
March 11, 2017Shreyasi Bhattacharjee86Advanced
March 11, 2017Bannet Dosanjh92.91Advanced
March 12, 2017Ankita Sachdev94Advanced
March 12, 2017Humsufi87Advanced
March 12, 2017Nitin Nayak86Advanced
March 12, 2017Rakshita Suresh93Advanced

Round 3: Red Sofa Elimination

India’s Top 16 contestant will compete in this round, the contestant who scored less votes will be moved to the Red Sofa. Finally, the contestant who sits in the red sofa will be eliminated.

Top 14 Finalists:

DateContestant NameVoting %Result
March 18, 2017Ameya Date89Advanced
March 18, 2017Nikita Boro84Advanced
March 18, 2017Ankita Sachdev82Advanced
March 18, 2017Maithili Thakur92Advanced
March 18, 2017Humsufi87Advanced
March 18, 2017Chelsi Behura88Advanced
March 18, 2017Nitin Nayak79Advanced
March 19, 2017Afsana Khan92Advanced
March 19, 2017Vikram Jeet Singh93Advanced
March 19, 2017Ankita Kundu90Advanced
March 19, 2017Diljot Qawwali Group88.75Advanced
March 19, 2017Jidnesh Vaze88.24Advanced
March 19, 2017Shreyasi Bhattacharjee81Advanced
March 19, 2017Bannet Dosanjh94Advanced

These are the list of the Top 14 finalist, from the last round. They will be proceeding to further rounds and we have to wait till next week to see who will be advancing further. Until then, we have to stay tuned!

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