Shri Manohar Parrikar Wiki, Age, Bio, Networth

It is very sad that on 17th March, 2019 India lost one of the greatest politicians of all times- aged 63 the former Chief Minister of Goa as well as the defence minister passed away owing to a long prolonged illness caused by pancreatic cancer. Remembering him and his legacy, let us know a little about his life:

The great leader was born in Mapusa in the year 1955 on the 13th of December. His mother’s name was Radhabhai Parrikar and father’s name was Gopalakrishna Parrikar.  After completing his schooling from Loyola high school, Margao and he has also completed his Marathi education. he, in fact, is an IIT graduate post which he joined RSS. He joined the RSS in 1970s and was active in the politics of Goa since the very beginning.

In 1944, Manohar joined the Legislative assembly of Goa after completing his engineering degree from the financial capital of the country. He went on to become the Chief Minister of the state in the year 2000 and completed his tenure of 5 years. He again was relected in 2012. In his final years too, he remained the states chief Minister. His death is caused due to pancreatic cancer.

Parrikar has also served as the defence minister of the nation and as the defence minister, he had to deal with the controversial topic of Rafael. The deal is something that has hit the BJP really hard and has been one of the deals for congress to point at the ruling party.

Manohar Parrikar has made a series of decisions that has really favored the nation and the people of India as well as the government will be really grateful for his contributions to the development of the country. His death has been a great loss to the Indian public and government.

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