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Yori Saneyoshi is an Asian woman who has been a courtside Lakers season ticket holder since the late 90s. Yori Saneyoshi is by no means a public figure and never seeks to become one. She has no social pages, no Wikipedia page, not a single interview carried out, and two bodyguards close to her, just to protect her from unnecessary content. Yori is known for her fashionable, stylish, in vogue well put together wearing apparel with loads of pearl studding and huge sunglasses, and a grim countenance coupled with a lack of expression, even during games. She never sends up hearty cheers or claps, favoring to soberly watch the action on the court. Some think that she bets on the games or has a poker face. Others love her cool and collected manner. It isn’t that hard to understand.

Yori Saneyoshi

Yori Saneyoshi Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $1 to $5 million.


There have not been identified details of the age of Yori Saneyoshi, but estimates can place her in her 60s to 70s. Fans have always been curious to find out how she looked so young and spry, with many thinking that she performs plastic surgery because of looking like one. She has short black hair that caresses her face, wears eyeglasses, and looks positively charming.


While not much is rather divulged about her personal and professional life, her love for the Lakers is pretty well known. Here is what all we could gather about her.

Yori Saneyoshi, a loyal Lakers fan and employee of the organization, has lived those exciting moments himself. Saneyoshi was there in 2006 for the 81-point game, in 2016 for the final game, and when the Lakers won their 17th title in 2020. She was among the many lucky Lakers fans to have gotten to witness LeBron James team up with Kobe during his rookie season with the team in 2018. Now, to Lakers fans in online forums, she has become quite the cult figure. She’s been in stories from ESPN, been on Essentially Sports, and even makes it into the Urban Dictionary. Yori has inspired countless numbers of memes, jokes, and conversations running through threads on Reddit, Twitter, among others.


No information regarding her assets is available so far.


No information is there about her husband or kids so far.

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