Mario Baluta (Model) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Facts

With the increasing reach of social media platforms, models from across the globe can market themselves. There is one such model from Romania who is gaining a lot of popularity. Mario Baluta is a Romanian model and he has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram. He also has a great sense of fashion and coupled with an amazing portfolio, he gained exponential popularity in recent years.

Mario Baluta

Mario Baluta very passionate about his work and this has helped him in excelling in the field of fashion and modelling. Mario Baluta is seen endorsing quite popular brands and his popularity also helps the brands creating a social influence. Mario Baluta has great attention to detail and he is also creative with his work. While looking at his pictures, you won’t feel as if he is faking it. His pictures are quite natural and his eyes are also very expressive. The hassle color of his eyes makes them look deep and expressive. You can learn more about Mario Baluta in this bio. Check out some of the facts below


It is known that Mario Baluta is from Bucharest. At present, he is 17 years old as he was born on 17 April 2004. He holds Romanian citizenship and he is also great academically. In one of the post, Mario Baluta shared that he is an Oxford Scholastica Alumni. As per the information, Mario Baluta is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. He has a lean body with hazel eyes & brown hair. We do not know much about his family or girlfriends as he likes to keep his private life separate from the professional front. Mario Baluta has always been dedicated to his work and he believes in taking risks. This helps him in ensuring that he is able to reach the destination while learning from his mistakes.


Mario Baluta has been fond of modelling assignments and he has worked with many brands in the industry. Mario Baluta had been quite popular and he has even featured on the magazine cover of some popular issues. Since he works with brands, he often shares exclusive discount codes that can help you in getting a discount while purchasing the merchandise from a specific brand. At present, Mario Baluta has over 12k followers on Instagram and the number is constantly increasing. If you look at the posts of Mario Baluta, you will notice that he often collaborates with other social media influencers which also helps him in gaining followers.

Social Cause:

Mario Baluta also works for a social cause and he is the founder of ‘The Unhead Voice’. This is a social organization that talks about real-life stories. This organization encourages the teen to be vocal about the feelings that they have been suppressing because of any reason. Lastly, the organization also deals with bullying outside the schools. Mario is working dedicatedly for such organizations and he is helping teens across the globe.

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